Thursday, September 24, 2009

look WHOOOOOOO surprised me?

is this not the CA-UTEST mug ever??? my friend Nichole sent it to me and just in time for fall. I have already had many cups of joe, but I am looking forward to hot spiced cider and peppermint hot chocolate.
Somehow, even though we're nearing October, I just can't drink hot apple cider when its 80 degrees outside! Thanks friend, you're the best, and I will think of you sweetie, whenever I drink from him =) *******************************************

Don't think I shared this pic of my little guy . So trendy to go out and buy the IKEA doll bed.. however, I had this one and it has character. lol.. it used to be mine when I was a kid, and for Christmas last year, my mom made a new set of sheets, and a blanket and pillow that matched Tatum's room decor. She LOVES it.. and always has to 'put baby in bed' when she wakes up in the morning.. funny that when she awakes, it is time for her doll babies to sleep!!
anyway, I almost waited too long as my little guy is about to bust out of the thing! I am thinking of joining the bandwagon and getting the natural one from IKEA and painting it white.. just because I don't want to paint this one.. but we'll see, b/c I am starting the process of getting Tatum's big girl room ready, and while the garden / shabby chic theme won't change, I will finally be adding the picket fence, since it will fit now that the crib will be gone. I have this idea in my head since before she was born.. so we'll see if I can get it all to play out.. and then I have to tackle the 'boys' room.
so back to the bed.. I have a newborn session next week, and I am excited to try a couple different poses with a teeny tiny babe. =)

and remember when I took Brig's 5 year old pics? Well I put together a collage, so that it will be easy to scrap it up!. always thinking.... (I figure if I can digitally create multi pic collages) then I'll have to stress less about how I will fit the zillion pics I take onto a certain page.
I have created about 10 diff collages in Picasa lately, so hopefully this weekend, I can actually slap those babies down on paper , add a title and my journaling.. and call it done!

and so it is officially FALL. although the weather has been steamy and miserable. I want to wear my sweaters and jewel tones, and I just don't feel right doing it when it is in the 80's. It is supposed to drop down to the 60's next week. we shall see. I have my garden all ready, and mums planted.. now I have to get the inside done.
totally wanted to do it before we hosted Life group last night, but it wasn't going to happen, and so I gave myself grace to just wait for the weekend. I did pull out all the totes out of the garage. that counts for something right?

look at the punkin head dude! so adorable. swiped it from my friend Heather's blog. I need to find out where it is from. Ballard's maybe? I haven't gotten their new catalog yet. I always let myself buy one or two new things per season. ( and I usually toss a couple as well that I don't use anymore)
this guy may just have to be mine.
and so of course lots going on... we are trying to plan a trip to CO in about two weeks. We were not sure about it, but finally decided last week, that we would go out for Andrew's brother's wedding. The Miller side has not met Tatum yet, (or Beckham of course) so it will be fun and I am excited for Andrew to spend time with his bio dad. We'll stay at the Hollands so we'll get lots of grandpa and grandma time too. It will be fast trip, and we are driving out which makes me a bit nervous. Flying had advantages in saving us time, but had issues with the logistics of 3 little ones, a vehicle and car seats once we got there, etc.
so we're driving.. and did I say that I was nervous? yep. pray for me on that one =)
So our Life group started a new 6 week series called RESET and I am so excited. It is really interactive, and thought provoking. Its aim is about us "RESETTING" what we think about who Jesus is.
I shared that I picture him to be the South Park Jesus. ha. ha.
I also shared that I bet Jesus cut it up, and farted in front of the disciple dudes, and then tried to blame it on someone else. ok. well he probably farted, but the passing the blame - that would be sin. and we all know JC didn't sin.
(I hope no one busts me for sharing something from group... I said it. so maybe that is ok, right?)
I would love to be able to share on the blog bits and pieces as we go along. I'll have to figure out how to, without breaking the confidentiality rules. =P. I just know it is going to be very. cool.
and so along, with the anticipated trip, the changing of T's room, I have also started the process of searching out designs to change our guest bathroom. totally thought I had it figured out yesterday.. (curtain, paint color, etc).. until I went back to read online the reviews. found out that the curtain showed under the 'fabric' listing is actually vinyl. puke.
so I am going to start over. but at least I have a place to go from now. excited to start some little updates around the house.
afterall, we have been here four years!
and heading into the most beautiful season, I am finding that my photography is picking up, which while I love it.. and love meeting new people and playing with babies, and capturing family moments and etc. etc.
I tend to stress myself out a bit. but I thrive on stress. so (don't hesitate if you want to book a session- I do better under stress )! I am also in the process of coming up with a new website- I think.-
we've got a busy weekend already, and I just keep cramming more stuff onto my plate.
My husband tells me to stop and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.......
(but then I found this on my friend Kelsey's blog)

and I like it ever so much more.
and with that , I am off to eat some ice cream, that Andrew surprised me with last night!
night all !


nichole said...

awww look at hootie!! :) you are such a doll! i'm off to sip some apple cider from mine! & i LOVE that cute little pumpkin guy for the front! so cute! happy fall, friend! :)

kels said...

i LOVE that mug! so cute. and i think as long as you're not divulging anyone's life secrets, you're okay to talk about life group... haha although those rules are pretty strict! :)


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