Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sweet stuff

made these yummy black and gold cupcakes in honor of the Boilers on Sat. this is the most heavenly of cupcakes that I have made lately. the icing is divine.
and we ate way too many of these on Sunday as we sulked in the horrible loss to Notre Dame , Sat night. though being only the 6th night game in Ross Ade history, the crowd was pumped.. until the coach started calling ridiculous plays. nuf said about that. hopefully this week for homecoming, we'll do better =)
and then since we finally have fall weather, and I am loving it.. made some carmel corn for a surprise after school snack for Brig. I promise he did get to try it. (though mom and dad have had their share too)

and the sweetest lil man ever? love it when his eyes light up and sparkle like that!

he just melts me. and he'll be 3 months old on Saturday.
.....and for those of you have noticed my sweet tooth.. yes, I have been keeping up with my walking routine. (almost) every day, after the bus pick up, I have been doing 1.5-2 miles. it really helps get my day off to a great start!
(and lets me continue to enjoy the sweetness of the season.. pumpkin spice lattes anyone?)


The Rock Star said...

I love fall!

And Pumpkin Spice!!!!

And all things fall!!!!!!! :)

Jocelyn said...

I too adore the fun of Fall.....makes you want to bake and make all kinds of yummies...The baby is getting so big and he is just precious!!!! Sending you smiles for the day!!!! :)

kels said...

beck is sooooooooooooo adorable!!!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe how much Beckham DOESN'T look like your other two. He looks NOTHING like Brigham or Tatum to me.....maybe I just need to see him in person? Happy Fall!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Yummmm! Those cupcakes look delish! Love the photos of your little man! Sweet!

Emily said...

The baby is growing up . . . we're looking forward to seeing you guys soon!!


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