Tuesday, September 01, 2009

the birthday bash!

does this give it away?
you think you know the theme right? well.. if you know me, then you know I am all. about. themes. hardcore.

so since, I am not a fan of the mouse house, or chee chees, or chucky's , as it is referred to around our house.. but I did have one little boy that would be super excited.. and one husband that was thinking 10 friends at this place would be severely cheaper then the $400-500 usually spent on a birthday party... and since I just had a baby, and figured my time could be better spent w/o the set up and clean up....

I decided to give in...... very. reluctantly. In fact, the poor kid's party got pushed back 3 times, b/c I was having a hard time actually creating the invitations (and putting a date on them!)

I still themed it up a tad...

and each kid got a lei, (this also helped us in keeping track of our kiddos)

some kids were so excited, that they couldn't eat their pizza!

and other's were just plain happy

and this birthday boy was pretty stoked about his cake. he requested a pineapple upside down cake. but since I kinda like to decorate cakes.. I persuaded him for this one... he was not disappointed.

the kids were off and running.. with what started out as 25 tokens each.. but we are suckers, and well... they just go so fast.. and the kids were having so much fun. So Andrew bought some more, and then he quickly became each child's very best friend.

here are some of them driving....

(totally deleted this and can't get it back to place here..)

so picture, Lilly, Adam, Gabby, Michaela, Hannah and Brigham


and some dancing

ahhh. the presents.. or in this case a very well thought out, and created with a catholic prayer card, penny, random jewels all on a card. Michaela has a future in the greeting card business.

t balls and batting gloves, and baseball cards!! very cool

and of course, out of all the awesome toys.. the boy loves his book...

here is baby sister, having a blast driving the jeep!

oh , and in case you didn't catch it... it was a CHUCK E CHEESE LUAU....

and in case you're interested here are some of my other parties...
(click on each for a link to the party )!!

and yes.... already got themes in my head planned for this year =)


Nicole said...

Wow - looks like you guys had a lot of fun... LOVE the cake. :-) We decorate cakes for our kiddos too... Be on the lookout for E's soon. If I ever start blogging again! I am SOOOOO behind. Hugs to you friend!

kels said...

so if i ever need a cake decorated, i know who to call now! that cake looked so great! and i love the picture of luke... so funny. and tatum in the jeep. she is too cute.

nichole said...

that looks like a happenin' party!! so much fun! love the pineapple cake!

A Wedding Story said...

Ha! Love it!


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