Monday, November 09, 2009

they say its your birthday.....

and it IS... we have been celebrating for a couple days now as Andrew is officially "in his thirties"...

I am so thankful that God gave him life 32 years ago. So happy that our paths crossed on that crazy New Year's Eve 2000. Giddy that we fell in love and got married.
Amazed that we have been together 6 years and have 3 fabulous kiddos. So very appreciative of all the love, support and kindness that he shows continually towards me. So in awe, of what an amazing father he is to each one of our kids.. and gives each one of them something special. Full of disbelief at his insane love for music, and the memory he has for artists, lyrics, etc. Full of excitement as I watch him watch his favorite teams. Go Bronchos .. give him a birthday *W* tonight!!!
Grateful for the fact that he works so hard to provide for our family so that I can stay home and raise our kids. Amazed to watch him grow in his faith. Thankful that he is teaching our kids to be like Jesus. Unworthy of his unconditional love he shows towards me.
Incredibly blessed to call him as my husband and best friend.
just a little glimpse of what you mean to me


(pictures to come from our celebrations!)

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Thanks for the kind words, does anyone else notice that your joins are just a litte stiffer the day after your birthday. PS-It's Bronco's, I didn't go to Jeff ;]


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