Friday, November 13, 2009

whatz going on....

(and now I have that 4 non blondes song in my head)
we have had so much going on lately, I sometimes wonder if I'll make it to Christmas!! lots of family/friends outings and my photography has been slamming me (and keeping me captive to my computer.. lol !!) But I totally LOVE it.. LOVE meeting new people and playing with new kiddos and itty bitty baby toes... YEP.. I definitely LOVE what I do. I am so thankful for those of you who have asked me to take your family's photos and those of you who have referred me! I am starting some work on some new business related things... hoping to have it done by the end of the year.. (maybe.)
not sure if anyone read my previous post.. BUT it was Andrew's birthday.. and I we got to go out for a fabulous dinner celebration here.

It was so incredible... we usually have get our sushi fix from Bea One , but had heard this place offered an all you can eat sushi special.. the menu was totally overwhelming, and after my first order, (which I could not even finish).. I realized where they make their money!! LOL
Grandma had all 3 kids , so we enjoyed a nice lei surly dinner with some nice wine!! then a trip to Starbucks for some lovely conversation.

His actual birthday was Monday , which he has off from work, so we just sorta hung out. He fixed breakfast for us after he took Brig to the bus stop. YES. HE cooked on his bday. He LOVEs to cook. especially breakfast. So he spoiled us with a yummy way to start off the morning.
Around 1 pm we headed to MOE'S for Moe's Monday, where they have specials on their burritos. Tatum loves the 'cheese crisps' and chips and green salsa..(the spicy kind , of course) and the cookie.
We had some other running around to do, before Brigham got home from school.. and then I made a pork chop dinner.
We went to the grocery store to pick up snacks for Brigham since he was TOP DOG on Tuesday, and ended up doing a full blown shopping trip!
Got home around 9pm and we still hadn't had the cake I had made. Actually it wasn't even frosted yet.
Brigham got in his jammies, and created a masterpiece complete with half a jar of blue sprinkles (b/c blue is daddy's favorite color, don't ya know?)
The cake was super yummy, and we (I ) have been eating on it all week..

and today is career day in kindergarten.. remember Brig's career goals were an artist, or a janitor.
we went with artist, (since a mop or broom could have become a weapon in his class)

NO! I am not trying to sway my son one way or another!! He can do what every he sets his heart on. I will support him no matter what. (and if he is a janitor, or said artist) we WILL be supporting him for many , many years! LOL
but doesn't he look so dang cute?

I went with the 'french' artiste... but has I was tying a little lime green neckerchief on my son, I was hoping that this day of dress up was not going to scar him for life... hoping children don't 'label' him ... lol !
maybe the faux stache would declare his manhood, even if it was carefully manicured!

and look who has a new chair!! borrowed this from Tatum's little boy friend Finn , who is now a big boy and no longer needs it.
Beckham LOVES IT!!! (for about 3 minutes) and then he loses it.

its the most liked piece of furniture we have gotten in years. the kids are all testing it out. yep. even my 5 year old , fits quite nicely in it..
(don't worry, Katie, he has been warned not to do it again.. he breaks it and he buys you a new one with his money)

Love that he is looking up, like 'hey! what is going on?!"

got this basket like (at the end of summer! ) sorta on a whim, while in HL to buy a little trunk/suitcase thing to do Beck's 4 month pics in. I had this scene totally worked up in my head from walking down this trail, and just had to wait for the leaves to drop. Well, and the trunk was like $59 and NOT on sale, so then I saw this lady putting up displays using this bushel basket.. and asked if they were for sale. $4.99 is my cheapest prop yet!! LOL
and I have used it quite a bit with other families this fall. bonus.

as you can see almost all the leaves around here are off the trees. I am becoming creative with my photo sessions.. lol.
and the bare trees are putting me in the spirit of (Gasp!) Christmas! well, that , and the fact that I have been working on getting our church outreach party under wraps. My first year to chair it, and since I have never been before , I am kinda learning as I go.. its going to be so much fun though. I can't wait!
off to enjoy the continued 60 degree weather we have been having, I NEED to plant my bulbs.. been putting it off forever! and then lots to edit, and then actually get to prep for a scrap booking night!
(another Gasp!) its been so long, not sure if I'll remember how to scrap!!
enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Katie McDowell said...

he looks so big and grown-up in the bumbo. so sweet. and don't worry. i think the kids won't even be able to break it. it's pretty durable. but not durable enough to fall from on top of a table with a baby in it, so don't leave him alone on an elevated surface :)


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