Monday, February 01, 2010

its been a week...

so I guess I will try at posting again. well, the absence is due again, in part to the fact that blogger is not playing nicely and does not wish to post my pictures.. and as my husband says " a post is worthless without pictures."..
thanks hon... I (the picture taking queen) do know that, and that is why I have not posted lately.. its been so frustrating to not be able to upload anything. ugh.
we had an awesome weekend full of fun with friends and family. celebrated my birthday again at my 2nd most favorite Mexican restaurant.. My first love, (of course) is Little Mexico. but since everyone in my family loves that.. its not much of a Happy Birthday Treat to me.. eh?
so once a year I get to drag my family ( mostly my husband) to PEPE's.. I get the same thing. (since I was in high school) and pig out on chips and salsa. and I got the most amazing strawberry colada. I seriously, could have sucked down 3 or 4 of those. Andrew said we need to pick a night of the week where we just make drinks. I * Like* that idea!!=)
Brigham was totally excited that clapping and singing and sombrero wearing was involved. I however, didn't care as long as there was fried ice cream. LOVE that stuff.
got some scrapping done the last few days too, which I did take pics of and they are all ready to show.. just waiting on blogger.. or (admittedly it could be our lousy router).. just waiting until next week to get a new one! YAY!
I had 3 photo sessions last week and am busy editing... fun stuff I tell you. Got something fun to share hopefully in a few days.. stay tuned.
in the mean time.. I'll send you to a place where there ARE in fact pictures.. lol
drum roll........................ introducing......................................
my new website !!
I have been live for a few weeks now, but kept forgetting to say anything on here.. my calendar is filling and I am so thrilled that I am meeting new people. My head is just spinning with ideas for the future. I can not wait.
So go check it out.. and I'd love to hear what you think!!

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