Sunday, February 07, 2010


Pretty stinking excited for this guy, and the Saints, and the city of New Orleans!!
the Colts had their time and they are a solid club, I am sure they'll get another turn again soon.
This is just a really happy ending.. and how about baby brees?? is he not the absolute CUT-EST thing??
Hard to believe I hung around this guy during my college days. He was (not the typical college FB player, believe me.. lol) .. a class act then and so deserving of this W and MPV award!!
Congratualations Saints!!!


Katie McDowell said...

i'm happy for him solely based on the fact that his baby is so stinking adorable and deserves an awesome father who has won a superbowl. but that is where my happiness ends for that man.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Well...I'm a Colts girl but I thought your post was sweet! :)

Andrew said...

Too bad Manning is not a better QB, if he was he might have been able to beat Brees. Boiler Up!


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