Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I don't lie.....

and here is proof !!! lol I know many of you thought I was just blowing smoke when I said that I had been scrapping!! No really, I have been here and there, and the mess around my scrap table is proof enough. But since I'm not going to show you that disastrous looking space, you'll have to believe some of the end results: a page from Fall (2008) for Tatum's book
and YES.. Beckham has his first page for his album!! gosh, he did just turn seven months last week, so its about stinking time. I have a goal to whip up 5 pages a week for his album.. I know his will (sadly) not be as bulging as Brigham's(first baby) or Tatum's (first chance to use all the girly stuff)
. BUT I still need to have his complete by his first birthday. At least I have all the pictures.. just need to print them out. I think I am actually going to scrap them in time line fashion..
WHOAH. If you know me.. than you know that is a foreign concept.
need proof?
right here... this is one that is for Brigham's 3 yr old book. um, yeah..
just wanted to go back and make sure certain friends, and events were in there..

and this was for his 4th birthday.. (and I haven't even scrapped his 4th bday yet! LOL)

this was his PreK Christmas program last year. So not totally that far behind.. lol

and his PRE school graduation

Tatum's first Easter... right before she turned one. Luckily, I do almost have her first year finished.. just a few more random pages to stick in there!

here is the first page of her First Year Album

Gotta love this page. I know I scrapped one of these for Brig too.. those little exersaucers are a mom's saving grace for mobile (or almost ) mobile little ones. Mine would jump and jump and jump, til they just conked out! She was about 13 or 14 months old here.

Took this picture last April and I just loved it. Was inspired by Darcy's page to do one like this. Thought it worked great with this pic of Tatum.
And so there you have it.. I still have 3 pages that are in progress. and a whole heap of photos to get onto pages..
I am totally random. I get that. My pages, years, events.. all sporadic. That is just how I roll.
But I often wonder if it his hindering my speed???
So for all you scrappers out there... how do you do it?
Scrap in Order, By Kid, or totally random like me?
I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Well, we are enjoying a snow day.. there have been stories read, spankings, valentine garland made, and tears, and cookies made, time outs, and games played, screaming, cartoons watched, I'm Sorry's......
its 5 o'clock somewhere right??


Heather Crawford said...

YOU go girl..glad you have been scrapping!!

Emily said...

These pages are BEAUTIFUL. I have to admit that I too love the sleeping in the exersaucer pictures. Victoria has already fallen asleep in hers. I do love those things!!

Felicia said...

(hanging my head low) my son is 15 months and I don't have one single scrapbook page for him.
Love all your pages.

cynthia said...

wow! you've been busy scrappin!


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