Wednesday, June 09, 2010

catching up..

our school doesn't do graduation, thank goodness.. personally I think after 4 graduations by the time they are 17 or 18, what meaning will it have when the walk across that stage ? but at any rate, I made these little diplomas for his pizza party.

with the last week of Kindergarten.. (sniff.. sniff)... ok, why did the last day affect me way more than the sending my baby off for the first day last fall?? this was on pet day, where everything from a big dog, a bird and a rat were brought in. He thought for a second about bringing in He-Hatch ,the fish, but decided that Ashley's cat might eat it. and so Hailey our wonder dog got to go to kindergarten.

Brigham was so excited to have her there. I loaded up the troops and we went for our visit on the hottest day of the week!! And Hailey made her memorable debut by crapping right on the sidewalk. of course only my dog. only my "outside -all-the-time" dog crapped. I guess it was stage fright..

Brig got her to do some tricks and she did wonderful with all the hands wanting to pet her and the chaos of the kids fighting over who got to give her treats. I had Beckham in my arm so this was the best shot I could catch one handed! lol

why did the last day affect me so much?

maybe because he grew up so much in one year. really.. we just keep commenting on how mature(if that is possible for a 5 yr old).. how tender-hearted, and helpful, how smart, how aware, how loving.. how defiant(yep.. got some of that in there too), and how sassy.. ( and not like his sister cute and We have definitely gotten into the "back talk" stage.. ugh. I am soo happy that I made the decision to let him go all day(ok, that I listened and submitted to Andrew's wishes) AND that I gave in and let him ride the bus. What a whole wide world both of those opened up for his little life(and for ours as parents). It really has been such a positive in him being around kids- all types of kids. We had so many teachable moments this year. So many questions asked? So much innocence to the way others act. We want our children to shine as lights in the world. To be a little different( in all kinds of ways) but more importantly to be different in that they are living out their faith. I am so happy that we chose not to shelter our kids, put to throw them in and watch them figure it out! Throughout the year I helped with class parties and a few other things in the classroom and Andrew ate lunch with him about once a month. It is just so cool to witness how he is with others. and how others are with him. So proud of my kiddo and just love him to pieces. seriously, how did I get so lucky?

This was on the second to last day at their class pizza party. Grandma and brother and sister all joined in the celebration. I made some cut little "diplomas" out of swiss cake rolls and their school colored ribbon.
(see above picture, sorry couldn't move it down!)

My boys... the best I could get. Brig was not at all interested in leaving the activity to come hang with mom.. but I made him!
don't ya just love little B's mow hawk? I think one of these days I'll add some product and really funk it up.. =P !

Brigham and his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Brown. In fact we just got a thank you in the mail today from the gifts we gave her. He was super excited to get a note from her.

the pizza party was just for their class and a lot of the parents siblings came. there were fun outdoor games and activities for the kids to play. of course papa johns pizza and all the yummy sweets were a high light. but even MORE, was the signing of the shirts.
Apparently the older classes have a tradition of doing this, so some of the kindergartners with older siblings were asking to do it too. Brigham was super excited for this. It was pretty darn cute as they all ran around signing each other's t's. I even got asked to sign a few of the kids.. pretty funny, actually.

It was only a few months into school that our little Brigham became BRIG. and so that is what he was signing and what was on all of his papers he brought home. good thing we saw this coming and like this as a nickname when we chose his name.. lol.

and finally .. all in a year.... this was last Augs (can't find his 1st day of school pic) but you can find it here.

and the last day.......

he hasn't changed a bit has he? love my little dude!!

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