Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can 3 yr olds have self image issues?

As I sit at my computer editing away and away (and away)... my darling daughter is sitting at her little table drawing and "writing her name" (one of her favorite past times) . Though it comes out different every time.. verbally , she has been calling herself "Ta-Ta", and when she was about 2.5 it transformed to "Taymum" and well now , I over hear her say as she scribbles down letters... " B-O-H-R.. PRINCESS MILLER.. yep that is my name" !!!!!

apparently she has herself up on a pedestal. I have no idea why? !!!

ETA:: I so apologize oh faithful blog readers for my lack of postage.. we have been on the go tons, enjoying our first 3 weeks of summer, I have been insanely busy with my business and working up some new things to launch soon, and just having a great time hanging out as a family! (and trying to stay dry.. and cool as mother nature has dealt us quite the weather pattern here in the Midwest!)... hope to get thru our fun pics and post very soon!!

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