Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a little fun w/ the animals

and not just my crazy tribe!! but they did look super cute.. I know.. I know.. do I have to theme, everything?? BUT OF COURSE!!! Since Brigham's first visit to the Indianapolis zoo at 1.5 weeks old sporting his yellow giraffe romper, to Beckham's first visit at 10 days old in his giraffe and elephant adorned has just become a way of life for us.. lol- Even Brig noticed right away and pointed out that even Dad put on a shirt w/ a mammal on it. I was the lone odd ball w/ out a theme!!
Beckham had the best seat in the house as he enjoyed the sights and sounds .. of course decked out in his tiger romper!

And my husband knows me too well.. we always stop by the grocery on the way to the zoo to stock up on lunch items to fill our cooler.. I had no idea what he got until we were ready to prep our lunch.... ZEBRA CAKES!!! awwwww. I am so blessed. seriously.. my man just "gets" me.. and even indulges in the little humors to participate !!

The day started off with Tatum being a bit timid around some of the animals... so this became her look out spot. It worked quite well for most of the time, until she realized that Brigham was off doing something and then she wanted to join in-
and sooo the animal spotting began..
who doesn't like the elephants. seriously we could have watched this little family (there was a mom and dad and baby) for hours...

and even more fun when baby decided to take a dip in the pool! I am so glad we happened to be there for this. It was a lot of fun to watch!

Brigham found his favorite mammal... and enlightened us with all kinds of fun facts he knew about the:

polar bear. Daddy's kind of a big fan of this one too.. LOST fans anyone??

The desert is not my favorite attraction, but this little dude posed for my camera...

and this guy always makes me think of the movie Swiss Family Robinson!! anyone know what I am talking about? the middle brother picks the ostrich to race in the family marathon!! hilarious... anyway...

We had to prove to Tatum that she was not tall enough to ride the coaster... plus how cute that her giraffe matches him !

and more giraffe watching... we missed the time to feed them, so we'll have to catch that on the next trip. We did this the first week school was out.. and need to get down 2 more times before the middle of July when our pass expires.

and near the end... we cooled off at the splash park. I think we could actually go down and just make a day of playing in the fountains. The kids had so much fun

Even little Beckham got a little wet!!

and this is a TERRRRR-ible picture taken by my husband.. but I kinda like it.. perfect for scrapping this event!!

I hope you liked your little tour of our zoo trip.. we've been on the go for our first month of summer and it doesn't look like things are slowing down. We are having a blast and I hope you are too!! If you care to leave a comment.. share a fun summer activity that you have done so far.. I love hearing new ideas to get out of the ol' routine !!


Nicole said...

Looks like TONS of fun! So crazy... We live here in central Indiana. Probably 20 minutes or so from the zoo. But we haven't been there in ages!!! There are just so many other great things to do around here. But yes... I need to get the kids there - and want to see the cheetahs for sure! Glad you had a great time!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

What a fun day, Elizabeth! We LOVE the zoo will be going sometime this month. It's a fast and easy trip for us!

Wish you could have shot my column photos - Helen's art director told me where to go and I did! I can't remember his name...Philip something on Main Street? You should contact Olivia (the art director) on Main Street and see if you can work with them! It would be great!

Happy July 4th weekend!


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