Sunday, June 13, 2010

do you have kids?

do you love adorable kids clothing .... especially accessories? as in hats? super , duper cute ones?

and I might add that they are totally unique.

well head on over to my photography blog to check HEARTSMILES, an addicting site on etsy.

I was super honored when Abbie (the uber talented owner) contacted me to take pictures for her little shop. (AND) I have to say that my darling daughter was thrilled when the packages started showing up for her to model =)

this is just the first of many sneaks into what Abbie creates!! so go take a look!! and make sure to head over to her site and tell her I sent ya ! =)


Emily said...

Those hats are ADORABLE and I really want to buy some. However, Victoria will not keep them on her head right now. Maybe in the winter or next spring!!!

charlotte and clarke said...

This is not really about the accessories, although they are cute. I loved reading about Brigham and all the changes you have seen the past year, it has gotten me excited to embark in the new school scene. I love the picture with you and your boys- adorable!


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