Wednesday, July 21, 2010

maybe just a bit overstimulated-

Wednesday- story time at the library(whoo hoo.. kids both got coupons for DQ for keeping up on the summer reading program!)
lunch at the park

Thursday-lots of errands, prepping for party

Friday-shopping, dinner at MacAlisters,
Tatum gets a girl's night out with Grandma at the downtown gallery walk

Saturday- Tatum plays at Grandma's house
finishing cake, decorating house, prepping food

READY TO PARTY PIRATE STYLE- Brig's 6th bday party with lots of friends

HUGE STORM.. knocks out power for a few hours, TONS of trees down all over town.
Worst damage we have seen in a long time. praying for some friends whose home got struck by lightening.

Sunday- photo session, clean house, detox from party,
dinner with Grandma

Monday- swimming lessons(we started our second round of the summer.)- kids are doing great!
lunch and fun at the 4-H fair! Gotta love fair food! Beck gets his first elephant ear and pork burger!!
VBS at our church... Andrew does sound, I do photos, Brig gets to soak up all that Jesus stuff and
Tatum and Beck get to hang out in child care
Tuesday-swimming lessons
Brig treats us to lunch at McDonald's with his birthday gift card(awwww) and we have a picnic at the park
VBS- another great night of kids dancing and rocking out to praise songs.. ( and a little bit of chaos too)
Wednesday- swimming lessons
photo session
park time with Grandma
story time at the library
and taking another trip to the fair.. gotta love fair food.. (ok, and the animals and old people dancing! LOL)

WHEW. that is what has been going on in the last week. Got three more photo sessions this week, finish up VBS with splash party and a couple play dates. Summer is super super busy... and I have to say though I love the weather, I am totally psyched up for the start of school-- can't wait to get into the ol' routine again. Trying to figure out what activities to enroll the kids in and finishing up a few things with my business.

Before I know it, it will be Christmas!!

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Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Holy cow, girl. I'm tired just reading it all!

Sounds like you have been so very blessed...

I hear you - it's always right about now that I start looking forward to our school-time routine. I'm just as ready as they are! :)


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