Friday, July 30, 2010


FUn on Friday !! Remember when I posted about some changes coming up on the ol' blog? Well I have come up with a daily plan for my posts.. some fun stuff and a bit of thought provoking.. (ok, INTERACTIVE) kinda stuff too. I totally needed to set this up months ago.. to keep me on track and to (ok, keep readers.. Idonotblogforothersnoidonot

SO I set myself up with a little ol' schedule and I am REALLY going to try and stick with it. This next week as we find ourselves in a NEW month (holy -what happened -to summer?-) AUGUST. what better time to start with my plan.... (and for those of you interested, Aug 1 just happens to be when new prices and some other things go into effect for my photography biz)

* I know.. I am nutz like this.. love to keep myself uberly busy... actually the more busy (um, yeah just realized not the correct usage) I keep myself , the less time I have to a. worry. b. stress. and (about anything or anyone except those that MEAN something to me and make my life full and happy). ok. done. on. that.

anywho.. back to my post.. FUN on FRIDAY will be my focus on something fun from the week that we did as a family, my kids did, hubby and I did (get your mind out of the gutter) or, once in a great while.. something FUN that I did JUST for ME !!....

so today..... was such a simple. fun. full of joy kinda day. and I am so thankful for my little family.

* the kids had their last swimming lessons today which means PARTy day.. ( 15 min of free play in the water and 15 min of consuming 6 bags of fruit snacks, choco chip cookies, 2 bags of cheeze its, 3 bags of animal crackers, a capri sun, a few gummy worms, and oh, they get their evaluations too.)

I had a photo session scheduled for today and the family was driving from an hour away to see me, so we had to make it work. My adorable , lovable, do ANYTHING for me prince of a husband, took off some time to work(he made it up earlier in the week.. of course!) to meet me early at the pool, take the kids to their lessons and play with them for an hour or so after wards at the park.

ahem.. QUote from Tatum in the car " we didn't go to a park, just a playground, white, Bigum?"

when I asked if they still wanted to go to the park for lunch later. haa.

Picked up the kids, ran a couple errands , picked up food at BK ( totally craving their grilled chicken sandwich) and the kids were ecstatic b/c the kids meal toys were from a new cat/dog movie. Grabbed the food and we headed to our favorite little park tucked away in a neighborhood. and little man ate his first french fry.( and his second, and third, and thirteenth)
Meet our Pirate baby. (above pic) . He recently began squinting only his left eye when the sun hits him. Perhaps our theme was a bit intense for his big brother's 6th bday party a couple weeks ago. (more on that later.. need to edit and post them)

and here he is contemplating going over the edge. It cracks me up that babies will crawl on their knees on cement. He was on a mission to get to the mulch that was just below this ledge. (the drop off is about 2.5 inches! LOL)

The kids having a blast on the playground. I love that I can just let them loose now, and this park just happens to have a sidewalk surrounding it.. so while they play I walk the circle. Productive multi tasking no?

Miss TaTa as the captain of the sea.. and Mr. Brig was about to show me how he can cross the monkey bars.. well. almost..

It was during this peaceful time eating lunch with my 3 kiddos, watching them experience new things, listening to them play with each other, realizing how lucky I was to have been able to work this morning at a 'job' that I love.. while my hubby was able to experience their lessons.(he actually always gets to come on Mondays , since he has it off) that I was reminded just how blessed I really am. Truly blessed beyond measure. Even though my mind can be flooded with all kinds of distractions and even some toxic junk, even when some moments are spent focusing on the negative instead of relishing in all that is good. Even when I think towards the future and perhaps 'what isn't now'.. God always shows me thru the simple joys, that He has me just where He wants me. And its such a good thing.

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Lisa Dickinson said...

fab photos - and i love this schedule idea, too! my "five on Fridays" have been keeping me somewhat on track, but maybe I need all 5 days scheduled??? :)


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