Wednesday, July 07, 2010

is any body out there???

could be familiar lyrics.... one of my favorite songs.. lol-

But seriously.. I am such a horrible blogger in the summer time. We are always super busy... which is always giving me plenty of things to blog about, but where does my time go? Who knows?!!

It seems as though my time at the computer lately has been spent editing photo sessions. My summer has been jam packed and I am loving it, but the blogging updates seem to get pushed aside.

I am almost feeling a state of depression towards my lack of scrap booking. I miss the feel of paper and glue. I miss the cutting. I miss the agonizing over how to lay out a page. As I just told another good scrapping/photographer friend.. I Miss the getting my thoughts down and keeping memories for my kids. the files and files on my computer can only tell so much!

My husband keeps telling me , I need to give it up.. he suggested that my blog take over that part of my life and serve as a digital scrapbook. (which in a sense it is)... I have plans to turn my blog into a coffee table book and have actually started the process through Blurb. But since I have been blogging since 2005... that is a WHOLE lot of posts to go through! LOL

I am not quite ready to give up the creative outlet of paper scrapping .... but that brings me back to my original question...

Is there anybody out there? Does any one read this thing? Based on my comments, I would say no.. but based on my tracker, it is telling me that I have quite a few visitors.. and many of the same return readers.

SO been thinking of changing some things up on my blog.. to make it more interesting and to keep me more accountable. I have a lot of stuff in this ol' noggin of mine, that I would love to get out... serious stuff... funny stuff.... opinionated stuff, reviews for stuff.. and of course keeping you updated with the crazy happenings of my little family.

PLEASE , if you're a reader.. leave me a comment.. If you care to... let me know what type of topics you'd like me to cover.

I am thinking about jumping on the "post of the day" bandwagon. I think it will make me more focused and provide plenty of entertainment.. haa. haa.

ok.. folks... comment away.. and in the mean time, I am off to bury one little bird and one tiny mouse that became victim to our viscous 4 legged back yard predators.

(perhaps more on that later.. lol)


Anonymous said...

I'm here! :) Elizabeth, I enjoy reading your day to day adventures with your family. I do not get into scrapping or blogging but your blog is a great journal of your life right now. You will cherish these posts and read them over and over when your kids are grown. They will love them, too!! Keep it up!

Jill Daffinee Jaronik :)

Nicole said...

I do read your blog! I enjoy keeping up with you and your family!!! I am not a big scrap booker - and I wished I 'journaled' more... I, too, started our blog for that reason - to document the history of our family in the little every day moments. I'm actually doing better during the summer - as we aren't officially 'schooling' like we are from Aug - May! :-) Jim made a book for my birthday - a coffee table book - and I LOVED it! We're planning on keeping that up - and printing the blog maybe once per year... Keep it up friend!

Val said...

I still read!! I know what you mean about keeping up the bloggin, I sometimes have a hard time doing it but if you give yourself some kind of schedule and write down ideas of topics that helps. I like also posting about my day too..even if nobody reads. I miss your scrappies too, try to do it, I find it hard too sometimes, you need to set up a scrap date too..if I lived closer I would join you!!

Elizabeth said...

thanks for the feedback people! I am so sorry, I accidently deleted your comment Hannah.. can't get it back.. so sorry.. feel free to chat away any time! I think I am going to come up with a schedule.. good idea Val =)

kels said...

i read always!! usually it's just in my google reader at work, though, so i can't comment. :( but believe me, i am always reading! :) love ya!!


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