Tuesday, July 13, 2010

party day!

Hey guys.. thanks for the feedback comments and emails.. I have some ideas and as soon as I get a break in my photography sessions , I'm gonna implement them into the routine! I have been a terrible slacker in the blogging department these last few months. I have been even more terrible at keeping up and reading with friends' and other favorite blogs.. in fact totally missed the post where a friend announced herself pg. UM. totally feeling guilty....

Summer with three little ones is keeping us super busy, as I am sure many of you know.

I just am hardly ever on the computer anymore unless I have my eyes fixated on other people's images and I am working the heck out of PS! LOL

I booked myself less sessions for July and August, but am gearing up for some big things happening this fall...I'll try and not leave you hanging that long!

SO an update... TODAY is my baby boy's SIXTH birthday!! I have always been a HUGE fan of my birthday.. but I have found I am even more psyched about my kiddos' bdays. I just love, LOVE to celebrate with them and see their eyes light up. At the same time I get so emotional as I can't believe that GOD chose me to be their mama and experience their life (heck.. guide their life! )

We had Beck's first birthday 10 days ago on the third.. ( I know, I know.. haven't even posted or edited pics from his party yet) and now today we celebrate the kid that made me a mom SIX years ago....

and hey.. Stephanie if you are still reading this ol' blog... we were just looking thru all the pictures with you guys and the fabulous video that your hubby shot for us. What wonderful friends we had in you, and its such a bummer that we are so far away.. =(.
awwwww. the memories though!

so this kid knows how to milk his day for all its worth.. we took him and his sister to the movies this morning while gma watched the baby.. and then went to lunch at Dan Pablo's and got a surprise visit from Uncle Monkey...
came home did some yard work, and then out for a new hair cut and he got to pick out a new game for his gameboy.

Then we went to Chic Fil A for family night and the kids got all tatted up and made ice cream sundaes and created cow people (which were actually pretty darn cute)..

and then we came home to chat on the computer with the other grandparents and to open some more gifts. The kid got spoiled of course.. and we haven't even had his party yet!

Stay tuned for some more pics at least I'll go thru the boys and their bday parties.. perhaps it will be a dual post next week!

I am thrilled you're all still interested in our little life and what is going on... and I can't wait to start posting some of the fun stuff I have planned.(and a little of the more serious stuff.) I hope you will check back and keep reading!

and with that.. I am out of here... off to edit two more sessions.... you can always keep up w/ my photography stuff by clicking on the link to the right-
have a great day !!

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