Friday, February 04, 2011


we are slowly starting to thaw out around here.. though we still can't get the van out of the driveway thanks to the plows.. that (finally!) came yesterday!! Kids were out of school all week and Andrew's company closed for Tues and Wed. Not bad when he already doesn't go to work on Mondays. We have had lots of family time.. and while many of my friends were about to lose their minds... surprisingly, I was doing ok. I used an idea from one of my good friends to set up stations around the house. The kids loved it! It helped with keeping order and gave them something to look forward to. At the kitchen table ,I set up Moon Dough at one end, and Bendaroos at the other, At the bar, we had finger paints. At the little table, coloring books and activity books(learning books from a local teacher supply store). In the living room, we had several spots set up.. one had the little rocker and some books. Another section had all of the little people and accessories(car, boar, bus, train,etc). I set the timer for 25 minutes, and they got used to hearing the buzz.. though Miss T had a hard time with patience, as she was ready to scurry on to the next one, saying she "continually heard the buzzer". This gave me time to sit and engage with the kids, but also some uninterrupted time to clean up the kitchen, etc.
It was also super nice that Daddy was home. Him occupying the kiddos during that crazy 4-6pm, allowed for me to actually cook dinners. (instead of the norm.. him walking thru the door and then going back to pick something up or him throwing something together- gotta love that man!)
I made a wonderful cheesy , potato corn chowder one night. We had stew one night. Andrew actually followed the recipe I found for Swedish meatballs and egg noodles, which turned out yummy. (who knew there was tomato paste in Swedish meatballs?). The kids enjoyed lunches of grilled cheese, fruit and chicken noodle soups in variety of characters.. Dora, princesses, Spongebob, Toy Story.. compliments of Grandma. Each evening after dinner.. we watched movies, ate popcorn.. and stayed up late.. ( so they would sleep in.. lol). Good times!!

As you can see we(they... I just ran out and snapped some pics LOL) were able to get out and
enjoy the white stuff. They had a blast sledding (first time!) down the driveway. Andrew had a blast too.. Grandma took Brig for a fun filled snow day at her house yesterday. Today Tatum got her day, since Brig went back to school. It has just been me and the baby .. and laundry.. Marc Cohn, and my editing.. kinda nice to have the peace and quiet. Looking forward to a great weekend starting in a couple of hours!! lol

And.. while I didn't make an official announcement.. the date on my last blog post kinda gave it away! LOL...
I decided to take kind of a break from the computer and blogging.. and reading other people's blogs..and face book even( at least not what I was spending on fb)..
Last fall during my busy , busy time in business.. I was always getting sucked in to face book longer than I needed to, or emailing /chatting with friends.. I found tons of decorating and nifty craft and parenting blogs, that while informative, and many with a spiritual tone, (so I tried to justify my time spent there... ) My time was suffering... actually.. I was just not prioritizing my time in the correct ways. My work was keeping me on the computer til' wee hours and by early December , I was shot.. physically and emotionally. My kids were not getting the focused attention that I needed and I was realizing that their days of being small and cute were fleeting fast.
After a good long talk with a great girl friend.. she reminded me, that even if I didn't look at fb for 9 hours.. that same stuff would still be there. I pulled back (way back in the fall ) from my photo message boards too, just not having the time for it either. Stopped reading blogs....except my GA friend.. because she would post on FB her links! lol- so I knew when she posted... even then I missed a bunch. I realized that yes.. life does and DID go on, if I didn't keep up with what was out there. (however, I did realize, that like a lot of ppl, fb has been the communication tool for most.. so if I didn't catch a friend's status update, then I was out of the loop and found out several days later at church or mom's group..) *oops*. January was a good month of reorganization, and while a certain (condition-more on that later) has put me back in a bit of a slump.. I am moving forward and trying to get some unfinished projects for my business completed. I am super excited about some new things to be revealed , hopefully by early next week.. Also, need to catch back up on this here , blog.. I need a Christmas/winter break recap of pictures. Our family has been doing SO much... and I need to be sure that I get it down here , before I forget!
Started a new bible study in Jan too.. and it was exactly what I needed to keep me grounded and focused. LOVE that time. (and the kick in the pants to get in the word every day to keep up w/my homework.. lol).
So while some folks... and I will admit, that I was a bit skeptical of our first snow day, when there wasn't ANY snow coming down.... I am thankful for the time we had this week as a family.
Kinda feels like a mini vaca only we were stuck in our home.. lol- which by the way is starting the major de-cluttering undertaking this weekend.
Looking forward to fun, friends and a bunch of work this weekend! (but I secretly love to make lists... so I can cross things off!)
If you have snow... then I hope you are staying warm and able to enjoy the beauty that comes with it!

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Nicole said...

Glad you enjoyed your week snowed in - we did, too - and did lots of the same things! Glad to read about your family and glad to know you are all doing well... :-)


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