Friday, February 18, 2011

her party dress

I love petti skirts.. and have a hard time resisting them , both for my girlie and for my photo prop stash.... they can be pretty pricey and so I watch for deals.. (group buys from my photog friends) but they are still about $60..... so I jumped when I got an email from my favorite tutu online shop Fairywonderful, with a bunch of clearance skirts for $26!!! The color combos were not my most favorite, but I knew I could make anything work.... so we paired up this chocolate and fuchsia beauty with a pair of chocolate suede boots... then the night before her party I went running around to find a shirt that matched. After 3 stops.. Target did not disappoint and I found this perfect shirt for her valentine's day party. (picture is a real quick snap after a session I had last wknd. she wasn't really cooperating and wrinkled up the backdrop.. lighting was sketchy! lol, but you get the idea)

I sent her to the child care at her school for lunch after her preK... there was a little boy , about 2 who kept following her around saying "I love you Princess!"... and just as I was picking her up, the children's director came down, saying she was told she had to come see Miss T.. that all the moms that morning had been talking about her sweet outfit.
and attention getter she was. we went to the Olive Garden for dinner that night, and she got raves, and raves by workers and guests. Stopped at Jo Ann's afterwards and several older couples made a point to stop and start a conversation with her.
I told Andrew that if he ever wants female attention, he needs to spend the day with his daughter.. wearing her pettiskirt!!

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