Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my valentines

just a real quick recap..... these were what the kids handed out to their friends at school. I have always done home made ones.. usually involving cutting/scrapping/ gluing... this year I decided to go the simple way. Needless to say, homemade ones are super unique, but waaay more expensive than the box of Spongebob ones for $2.47 that he could have gotten from Target. oh, well. he didn't ask, and the kids (and parents raved on these.) oh, and the double bubble taped to the back of these, didn't hurt either. =P I helped out at Brig's party on Monday afternoon. I love being able to get into his class for parties and field trips , since I can't really volunteer on a regular weekly basis with the little ones at home. He loves having me there. It is super cute to see him with all his friends... And Miss T, was super excited for her Valentine party last Thursday. It was just a simple one during class , where they had extra snack and did a themed craft. Moms had to help the kids drop their cards into the friend's bags when we dropped them off. We added a blow pop sucker to the back of hers. Of course it was pink. She was giddy about it.
She didn't really know what this party was all about, but she came bouncing into my bedroom, before my alarm went off, asking if I would drive her to her Valentine party. so cute. (I'll show her party attire in the next post) . and even though little man didn't have his own party, didn't want to leave him out. This shot was one from his 18 month session last month(which , I realize I never shared here... oops.).. dang Facebook gets all the attention lately. lol

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with your someone (s) special. I know I did.. (saved for another post).

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