Monday, February 21, 2011

we don't do valentines day

well.... at least that has been our tradition.. since the second or third year we were dating. We just never needed to go out to dinner with the masses on that ONE day.. just because you were 'supposed' to. I really didn't need to have a card, preprinted with lovey dovey stuff. I certainly wasn't about to buy a card for my husband since he thought cards are a total waste of money.. ( and then I'd have to have a place to store them!). I didn't want him to buy me chocolate or spend 4 times the amount on roses, just like everyone else was going to get on THAT day. and so.. once we had kids, we deemed Valentine's day to be a family themed and celebrated holiday. I have always dressed the kids in their reds and pinks. We had special treats made together like heart shaped cut out cookies or cupcakes. In fact when Brigham was two and three, I made invitations and invited about 10 of his little friends and their moms (and siblings) to come over for our own special party. We did a craft, read valentine stories, decorated cookies and had a great time. If you know me, or have followed my blog, then you have probably seen my themed meal of a heart shaped meatloaf smothered in sweet ketchup... red potatoes, strawberry jello, pink milk and red velvet cake. The kids always got little baskets of goodies.. and I have to say it was so much fun to do that for them. Its always better to give then to receive.... until 2.14.11 -

I was told on the previous Friday to see if my mom could watch the kids, because Andrew had made reservations for dinner. I was a little shocked and after some prodding, got out of him where it was we were going. ( I hate for him to spend crazy amts on dinner)... he said he got the last reservation at La Scala... only our favorite Italian restaurant (reserved for anniversary dates). I decided.. if my mom could watch the kids, then it would be ok to dine out.. just this once.

Sometime on Monday afternoon, these lovelies were delivered to my door. Gerbera Daiseys are my absolute favorite springy flower.. and since my hubby had surprised me a month earlier with a dozen red roses for my birthday../ These were just PERFECT!!!
we dined on decedent crap and shrimp dip.. then delicious fresh green salads.. and then my meal was THIS. and I added shrimp.

I knew Andrew would splurge on a cannoli and since I am not doing chocolate much these days, I went for a lemon tart filled w/ a ricotta mousse and topped with a fresh raspberry sauce. It was divine. We had a wonderful leisurely dinner in the quaint little candle light setting. Even though the place was packed, it was if we were the only ones there. He surprised me once again, but telling me that I better stay home the following day so that I could be there to receive the following deliveries.

Oh..... I am in LOVE!!! this has been on my wish list for about 6 months.. actually was super close to buying it last fall, and then decided to wait. Kinda glad I did. =).

And.... I have been struggling with having 'me' time and work time, since my business is hopping and keeping me really busy at home. I feel like I have had a hard time balancing my mommy time and my business time. I have been doing all my edits on the desk top in our bedroom office area, but really hate to be cooped up back there when the kids or Andrew are around. My good photographer friend has raved about how healthy it is for her to go to Starbucks and other places around town to do her edits and other biz work. I was a bit leery for awhile about editing on the laptop, but have researched and found that many photographers do it with great success. I have basically been using Andrew's macbookpro all the time for other stuff, so I figured it would be great to have one of my own. We had decided it wasn't necessary for me to have a mac.. though tempting... We had talked about it, but I didn't realize he was serious. As soon as we get PS installed and a few other things, then I will look forward to my 'me' time at the various coffee shops around town as well.
Needless to say.. my valentine's day was one to remember... and I love my man like crazy.. think I have a keeper. And I am kind glad he decided to "do valentine's day" this year. wowza!!
Thank goodness our love languages are not the same.. or we'd be broke.... with a dozen kids!! lol
Hope you were able to enjoy a great celebration with the ones you love.


Andrew said...

I had a great time too, thanks for the moment. ...and yes, it was the best crap and dip ever!

Heather Crawford said...

WOW..what an awesome V Day! Congrats..and yes, he's a keeper!


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