Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bundle up.. Chill out..

Okay, so I found this quote in one of my favorite magazines.. Creating Keepsakes. I have had a subscription (though it may as well be a prescription) for the last 3 years. I get so excited whenever a new issue arrives in my mailbox. I almost immediately have to sit down and dive in!.. It soon becomes overwhelming, and I have to set it down. Whew.! There is a whole lot of talent busting out in this thing.... My husband always listens to me whine about how awesome Ali or Becky is. ( and I always have to point out that Ali is/was a pea.. And look where she is now!).
So for you unsavvy scrapbookers, I need to explain that this magazine is only the coolest how to of the scrapbooking world. It could only be a dream to have one of my layouts published!!
I flip through the pages of the yummy paper and embellishments that are available. I take in the fabulous ideas that the designers have created. I am humbled to see names besides the layouts of many of the peas from the Bucket! I get so DEPRESSED!!
I can say that I do have all my issues nicely organized by month and year..(with some SS and other references) mixed in. So with all this advice, one would think that my scrapbooking repetoire would be overflowing! Not so!! I spend so much time looking, and looking, and shopping( the art of scrapping, truly is buying!) and then hardly ever scrapping..
This my friends.... is about to change. MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: scrap 2-3 pages a week!
Now that I have a office/craft/scrap room. I should have no excuse! I just have to put the finishing touches of organization in place, and then my creative juices shall begin to flow....
So back to the title.. I am going to bundle up.. in comfy clothes... try and stay up late(or get up early) and scrap away!
Brigham is 17 months old and I don't even have his first year done!( let alone my wedding album..maybe when he graduates high school!)
Seriously, I have set a goal, and I will accomplish it. I have photos by the bejillion, at least they are organized.. and I want to complete a Brigham album, my wedding album, and an All about Me album.. *this year*
AM I INSANE....? no, just crafty!

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