Saturday, December 31, 2005

baby it's cold outside!

But not in these photos.. since I am trying to give a quick recap of the year, here is just a glimpse into what we did this summer. We were at the pool almost every day! Brigham loved it! We even went to the water park, where, mom enjoyed the big slide..even though the average age was 11!
So Bigs loves his innertube and the pool at Grandma's. Is he not the most hansome dude in his trunks!! They were always falling off, cuz he has no butt!.He also like to help me in the garden.. by taking all the mulch out of the flower beds.. eventually, he would put it back in!!
SO fun to see the innoncence of a child and the expressions on his little face as he experiences God's handy work!

1 comment:

christy said...

what a cutie-head little boy! Just had to say that!! :-)


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