Thursday, December 29, 2005

That's a Wrap...

Since I am new to this whole blog world, I have to move fast..! I decided to share a bit of the past few holidays. Since it will be a brand new year in just a few short days, I will move fast through Summer, Brig's 1st Bday, 4th Of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. To keep me in check, I'll start with most recent and work backwards.. stay with me.. you don't wanna miss some of the picts. Not that are lives are that exciting, but life with a one year old, has sure kept us on our toes!!

CHRISTMAS @ our house..
Tradition with Grandpa continues, though with one glitch---- The chinese restaurant was closed!!
(this had been a tradition started five years ago, as we would try and find a place to eat after Christmas Eve Service, and Szechuan Gardens was the only one serving past 8pm) FA RA RA RA RA/, RA,RA,RA, RA!!
So we kicked it up a notch.. and made reservations at Cajun Connection. BAM!!( in honor of our son's initials!) This is one of our faves, and apparently not that of many others.. there were only two other tables in the whole place.
So we ate a fabulous meal and headed back to our house for the gift giving.
Oh, I guess I need to say that we all went to Christmas Eve Service together, and Andrew had invited a coworker of his to join us. What a special time. We went to the early service.. KIDFRIENDLY< What a joy to see all the kiddo's performing off tune to Silent Night!. Even our little Brigham chimed in, as if he knew what he was doing!
However, when our little singer wanted to continue through the prayer, I had to take him out, and enjoy the rest of the service from the hallway! It was such a meaningful time to spend together and be able to share Jesus' birth with with friends.
Christmas Morning, was slow in starting.. as our little one would not awake!! My mom joined us for Christmas breakfast. Andrew left to volunteer at a local shelter serving a Christmas meal. He was very humbled and glad to be able to serve. Meanwhile, mom and I began the cooking..
We received a very special Unexpected gift from Brigham...(several lumps of coal, which fell out of his diaper, down to the foot of his jammies!) We had to fumagate his room, wash out his clothes, and unclog the toilet! How's that for a Merry Christmas!!
The show must go on... after some delay, we got back to cooking. Andrew returned, and we had quite a spread of appetizers, etc to munch on. And it is a good thing, because we did not end up eating Christmas dinner til 8pm!
We opened gifts in shifts, as Brigham was not cooperating, and the food needed preperation.
It is a good thing Chritmas came to town, because, all Brigham wanted to do was play with the paper.. He got SO excited when he could rip off a piece. He could care less about what was inside.
He did take a few breaks from unwrapping to go play with his "old" toys. Short attention span for sure!!
So that pretty much was our holiday .. fairly low key, kinda eventful, special time with family,stuffed to the gut with food( even though we had a small group, I had to try several new recipes..I should have been cooking for 24 ppl!!), and so fun to start new traditions with our own family.
*the teddy bear tea party under the tree is a tradition from my childhood

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christy said...

The teddy bear tea party under the tree is too cute! my daughter would love that! :-)

My friend Darcy(she does the TwoPeas thing too) has the same layout as you for her template. The adding of the picture may be slightly different on this template so she might be able to tell you how she did it. I seriously did it in the most roundabout complicated way. I don't know if I can even explain it. Seriously, though ... there's got to be a simpler way than I did it!
Let me know how you do. :-)
Take care,


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