Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wouldn't you like to be a blogger too?

He's a blogger, she's a blogger, wouldn't ya like to be blogger too?
Well, actually I don't know many personal friends who have their own blogs, but I have encountered this new found expression of..."whatever and everything" as a result of being a PEA on the everso famed TWOPEASINABUCKET website for scrapbooking, etc. I will go into more detail about the website at a later date- , what it is, how it helps my sanity, and how it is a amazing source of ideas for my growing passion of scrapbooking and photography.

I decided that creating a blog would be a fabulous way for me to keep up with those friends and family with whom I am sooo bad at keeping in touch. I am so sorry, it seems as though day to day life keeps us so busy.. and then not so busy(where I just lay around.. yep it is 3:45pm and I am still in my jams!). I am either on the go all the time, or just want the occasional spare time to just do NOTHING!. I know if my husband heard this he would not be amused!! .
But I have to say, even though I have not taken a shower today... I have dusted/vaccumed/cleaned up the toys/fed baby/ cleaned up dishes/ gave baby a bath/ did three loads of laundry/ changed the sheets on the bed/ wroted thankyou notes from Christmas/ fed the dog and cat/cleaned the bathroom/ and watched As the World Turns...(while organizing books)/okay and now I am creating my first entry while the baby takes his nap!
So, I think I got off track, but basically to say, that hopefully this blog will help keep everyone up with what is going on in the Miller household. I think it will also serve as an outlet for me to share thoughts and ideas on various subjects.. (sometimes talking to a 17 month old is not always reassuring). I hope that I will be discovering more about my self as I send out these messages. I can't gaurentee that each post will be completely fascinating, but I will try not to bore you. I welcome any questions and thoughts as you may or may not have feedback!
Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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