Tuesday, January 24, 2006

my weekend...oh did it evah....

Okay I know this is a patented phrase by the adorable Miss Kayla Aimee, but it just describes my weekend sooo well.. So if you read this(KA) or you know her.. plz don't hate me that I borrowed your catchphrase =)

So Last weekend was my Birthday weekend... sigh.... the day that I would officially enter into "MY Thirties"!!! I was kinda depressed about the whole thing, but was going to try and make the best of it. Early last week I started getting cards in the mail..YEAH for mail!! I love mail =)
and then by Friday it stopped.. did not even get a single one on Saturday...(the day BEFORE my bday!)
So the whole mail thing started bumming me out.
A good friend of mine had wanted to take me out for lunch..but I was not feeling up to it , so I called to cancel. She had talked about going to dinner on Saturday earlier in the week, so we decided that we would do that instead and go shopping too. so my Friday afternoon was spent sulking..
We had dinner plans Friday night to celebrate and boy did we eat!! We went to this super place called the Baja Peninsula.. It totally rocked!! I had incredible salmon and the best homemade chips and guacamole in the world...(okay maybe its better in Mexico, but this was darn close!). We totally took our time and my little angel was on his best behavior..oh, and so was my son =)
After that we went out for Ice cream, and just cuz it was my birthday I got a doubledipper!!Mm!!! I live for ice cream!!

Next day I was supposed to go out shopping with my mom and out for lunch. I slept in, worked out and was just being lazy. I was supposed to meet my friend at 4:30 later that day, but my husband decided to go into work. Okay so thanks for ruining my plans.
This is when I began the transformation into shedevil!!
I was so stinkin mad, and then my husband was giving me grief about having to watch my friend's two boys that night while we went out. He had not told me what we were going to do for celebrating my birthday on Sunday, and it clearly was not in his plans. How could I compete with the Broncho game. I do realize this game was important.. I am a fan too, however, I know how to compromise, and could have easily suggested a win for both of us.
So my husband was quickly busting my last nerve. I finally told him, don't worry about it and that I would celebrate with my friend that night, and my mom the next day. I made it clear, he did NOT have to participate. I proceeded to call him every name in the book.
It was very clear I was NOT happy with him!!
Mid Sat afternoon, I start getting ready to go out, and Andrew gets ready and says he is taking Brigham to the gym with him.. Finally, the best thing I had heard all day!!!
I had a little "me" time and then left to meet my friend at her house.

I pull up and she is not quite ready, I walk into her kitchen to find a room FULL of people!!
I about died!! All I saw was a blur of smiling faces.. Balloons... Happy birthday signs...
I was so shocked that I turned right back around and almost fell on the floor!
I have NEVER had a surprise party and was completely taken back..
My first words were, "I was gonna buy a new purse tonight".. after my friend said " I hope you don't mind, but we're not going to dinner"!!.
I could not believe she put this together.. and then the bomb dropped.
One of the girls said.. "you should talk to your husband" I was like.. "Did he know about this?"
Another one of my friends said that he had called her a month ago.
So the reality of this Surprise party was that My amazing husband whom I had just treated like total crap all day.. had planned this whole darn thing.. He called all the girls over a month before.. then sent out an evite two weeks before.
I had been around most of these girls lots in the preceding days, and they never let on to a thing!!
Oh, and I forgot to say that Friday night, when we had dinner plans, Andrew had called to say he was having to work 3 hours later.. I was steaming mad, and told him we'd go without him
( he was really at the store, buying all the food!)
So my friends and my husband had totally amazed me with tons of awesome food, a fabulous cake and I think at the end of the night, I was still in shock!!
My friends are so awesome.. I can't believe they all came to help me celebrate.. and they all had so much fun keeping it from me!!
Needless to say, I had some apologizing to do when I got home..
Oh, and my husband did not take my son to the gym.. He picked my friend's boys up and took them for pizza and ice cream, and then back to our house for a movie! Can I say I love this man!!
I did play a trick on him though, he called me on my cell, and I told him that we had just gotten to the restaurant. He sounded a little confused.. but I let him sweat until I got home..

Even walked in the house with out the food or presents!! FINALLY, I broke down..
I can not believe that they all did that for me.. I truly am blessed with fabulous friends and an amazing husband.

SO on my bday.. we all went out with my mom for lunch at my favorite brewhouse. and then my mom took me shopping all flippen day and my boys got to watch the Broncho's (lose).
I made out like a bandit:
I got FOUR new bras!! WhooHoo!! Workout gear! new chair for my scraproom! lots of smelly stuff! new shoes! gift certificate to a spa! a new journal.. fun and funky magnets..flowers... an amazing candle.....and a mega giftcard to a scrapstore!!
What a freaking awesome birthday!!!

can I brag on my scrap stuff?? ( i only used 1/2 of the card too!!) I am so psyched about my new stash=)

So thanks for letting me gloat on my fantabulous ROCKIN weekend!!


Darcy said...

Holy cow, what a great birthday! Andrew's a trooper, that's for sure! Glad you had a fab birthday and I'm drooling over here at your pic of all the scrap supplies you got!!!
Oh.. love the new blog look too! We're not twinsies anymore. =)

Nichole said...

what an amazing birthday. I didn't realize when you posted on mine that we shared a birthday weekend. Congrats!!! You have one great husband. Hate those times when you gotta bite your foot and apologize...they seem to understand more when they have been keeping secrets from you.

That stash is wonderful. Can't wait to see how you use it all.

Jill said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday!!

What an amazing birthday surprise your hubby pulled over on you :) Looks like you did rake in some great gifts, and the picture of your new scrapping stuff does make me a teensy bit jealous...but mostly can't wait to see how you use it! Get busy, girl!

btw - love your new blog look!
oh, and Am. Idol? - that chick at the end...you know - sparkly top, short skirt, sparkly boots?? I thought she must be formerly of Detroit...I must say, SO Detroit!!

RACHEL =) said...



christy said...

Happy belated Birthday, Elizabeth!


Niki L said...

Happy Birthday and what a great surprise! I've never had a surprise party either, I can't believe your friends didn't even give you a clue!! I'm so happy for you to have enter your thirties with such a great time! Have fun scrappin' with all your new stuff....you'll have to scrap about your surprise party!!

Anonymous said...

Well happy birthday to YOU! That's so awesome and sounds like you've got a keeper there :) I can vouch for those Colorado boys, as I've got a pretty good one myself!

And have FUN with that scrap stash - I'm drooling here!


Hailey said...

What a GREAT husband!!! That is such a wonderful surprise, glad he made your B-day awesome! and i am jealous of all your new scrap supplies! gotta love new stuff!!!

Hailey said...
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Kat said...

wow! what an awesome bday!

Wendy said...

I actually lived in a very small town outside of LaPorte (which isn't exactly big either) and went to South Central.
I teach in the elementary schools in LaPorte now though.
Hope I didn't offend you with the 'quality' comment!

Jill said...

elllliiiizaaabeeeth, wherrrrre arrrre yooooou???!

hee-hee, just missing a blog update, whatcha been up to?!!

Mara said...

happy birthday!!
so glad you had a great weekend.
and look at that stash...mmmm...


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