Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bring it on !

we officially got our FIRST snow here in Indiana. and by that I mean, it actually stuck to the ground!!

It was cold, but the sun was out in blue skies, and I couldn't resist waking Brigham up at 10:00 am to go outside and play!

He was SOOOO excited, and I had a blast watching him!
It was really hard to get him to come inside, until I convinced him that hot chocolate with marshmallows was really yummy!

Well, I better go get myself lunch, I forgot to eat breakfast , and I think that baby M is telling me its time! I made this fabulous baked spaghetti last night, so I think I'll go heat up some of that with a big ol' salad!!
( I've started to crave really healthy stuff lately~ not bad eh?)
Then the rest of the afternoon is dedicated to scrapping. Went to a crop at the LSS with my friend Jennifer. It was a GREAT girl's night out. Kinda got my mojo back. and I have plans to go to an all day crop hopefully, with my friend Kelli. Our birthdays are this weekend, so we thought it would be fun to do something for US!!!
Have a great day..
(and for my long distance friends.. it has been SOOO good to catch up with you, needs to happend again soon!)


Wendy said...

Yea for snow I was so excited it stopped feeling like Flordia here in Indiana! I've been gone for so long I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations!!!

rev said...

wow, love that snow!!
and yes, healthy stuff, what is it with us preggo's? i eat tons and tons of fruit everyday. i guess my fruit-selling-man is having a very very good year :)


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