Wednesday, January 24, 2007

happy sweet sixteen

(x2) is what my birthday card from my husband read!!! what a silly guy!! Since he is 3 years younger than, me, he feels he is justified in making me feel OLD!!! well, at least he tried to be funny about making me feel younger this year!!

I had a great birthday celebration, that lasted three days!! Dinner on Sat w/ my husband and son. Lunch at a very nice, upscale yet comfortable steakhouse after church on Sunday.

Then we were invited to some friends house to watch the Colts game , which had a great outcome for most people living in IN, but not so much for us. It was a really great game, and I am glad that Coach D will be taking a trip to the Superbowl... Peyton, not so much. The more that guy wins, the more they put him on camera, and he just should not talk out loud!!!
(ok, just my opinion, but I think he's a moron!!)

Superbowl Sunday should be pretty rowdy, in these parts, as the two INdiana favorites duke it out. I have friends from college that play on the Saints, Patriots, so it would have been cool to root them on!

Anyhow, Monday, Andrew surprised me by taking the day off work for my birthday. Yep, that meant I could sleep in.. He made me breakfast, lunch(well, he ordered take out and brought it home =) , and I did not lift a finger around the house!!
He got me some scrapping stuff and this.. since he knew baby and I have been craving it- YUMMO! it was a butterfinger cake from COLDSTONE CREAMERY!!
yellow cake, cake batter icecream w/ butterfinger bits, peanut butter ice cream and chocolate fudge!
We indulged ourselves when we returned from dinner at the Olive Garden w/ my dad.
Totally was craving italian and their salad. Dad got me a bunch of scrapbooking tools and organiztional stuff from here. and also a gift certificate to a local spa for a European calming package.. massage, pedi and mani>. I am SO going to use this like the week after baby comes!!

Mom took me out yesterday and she spent mucho mucho bucks, at Target getting me this and some desk organizers.
I am totally redoing my office/craft/ scrap room. Got tons of drawers, and file cabinets, and the cool cubes for paper.
Trying to get one room done, then Brigham's big boy room done, and then baby's and re arrange our room. Guess I have the "nesting" fever sooner than expected. I am totally ready.Got some ideas for Brigham and just found a cool quilt in PotteryBarn Kids that I will have to get!
Here's me diggin in to my cake..
mmmm , may have to just get me some, before I get back into my hole of an office!!
Thanks so much to all of you who sent me cards, and Laura for my gorgeous gardenia plant, and the phone calls. So much appreciated.
*my husband said 'this phone is out of control.. does it ring like this every day?'
NOpe, just on my birthday sweetie =)


Rita said...

Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth!! omgoodness, i didn't know. sounds like a great time ...oooo, and that cake!? omg. lucky you :)

Valerie said...

Looks like you had an awesome birthday, relaxing!! Happy belated Birthday!! The cake looks so yumnmy!! Show us pics when your done organizing..I've beeen feeling it too!!

Felicia said...

Happy Belated Birthday!


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