Thursday, January 04, 2007

a holiday sorta update

I hope all of your holidays were filled with joy, peace, and excitement(ok, did I just contradict myself?)
anywho, here's a recap of our Christmas .

Celebrated w/ grandpa (see last post) and Brigham got lots of loot.
It was a nice quiet time together and a great meal in the Chinese restaurant!

Christmas morning, Brigham woke up around 10am!! man, we are lucky parents LOL
He was not quite sure of what to make, in fact he told us that Santa didn't he looked at the mound of presents under the tree.
It was not until he saw the cookies were half eaten, that he knew the fat guy had been here. Brigham went straight to this little kitchen. I was so excited to give this to him, b/c it was mine when I was little. My grandfather built it for me and w/ a little elbow grease, it became as good as new! Santa and grandma spoiled Brig with lots of food and pots and pans . We put it in our extended kitchen area, so he can cook right along w/ mom..(well, someday, when I actually cook!)
Brigham gots lots of stuff. think mom and dad.. er Santa went a little nutz this year. But its so much FUN!!! Andrew surprised me with some goodies too, even though we said we were not doing much for each other.
(we bought all his stuff , AS we were shopping for family). I like to be surprised, plus I felt guilty picking out stuff for myself. I have so much more fun buying for others.
So we had our family traditional breakfast of home made carmel rolls and egg casserole.
Whatdaya know, I DID cook!!
We left the house a mess, and dropped Brigham off at my moms, so that Andrew and I could go serve at the Family Resource Center. Its a tradition that we go help those in need for a few hours. Sure makes us feel blessed when we come home to a bountiful gourmet meal and tons of gifts. I wish I could have shopped for everyone there. Not to mention, many of the people we talked with as we drove them home, were alone for the holidays. Definately felt good to be able to bring some joy into their day.
We went back to my moms house and opened gifts, for -ever. SHE totally out did herself...(though I say that every year!).
the last gift opened was played with for the rest of the day.. and each day after that....
two Thomas the Train wooden sets. Brigham was in heaven. He threw such a fit, and just sobbed when we had to pull him away for dinner.
We gave in, and didn't make him eat.
We enjoyed a fantastic traditional meal, and great conversation w/ a woman who is an old family friend , whose kids all live far away.
Mom even sent us home, without doing the dishes. I was in shock.
We pretty much did nothing for the next few days. My house looked like a toy bomb exploded.. and I was OK with it.

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Valerie said...

Souinds like Christmas was good!! Love the pic, and what a nice gift the cooking set, that's so awesome that you were able to pass it on!!


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