Monday, January 29, 2007

mickey cheese n' stuff

Friday night I went to our women's ministry event w/ a good friend of mine. Unfortunately it was very dissapointing. My husband said as I left that evening, well, even if it sucks, you still have a great time w/ Sarah! and he was right!

First of all the speaker was on grief..(kinda depressing), and then it was the same speech verbatum, that I had heard already. Luckily my friend thought it was interesting. Not to mention I forgot about who would be attending a women's church event on a Friday night. Um, lets just say.. 98% was over the age of 50!!
Anway, it was good for Sarah and I to hang out, and we did until midnight..(as I was coming down w/ a cold.. that was pushing it!!)

Saturday, we went to lunch with grandpa and then went with him to the Purdue Men's basketball game. We met some friends there, and enjoyed a really awesome game, as we spanked the ILLINI!! (brigham kept saying , GO purdue, beat the lions..) well, he was close =)

After that, we went out to meet some of our friends at the one and only CHUCK E CHEESE!!!
boy, did I have an eye opening!! Totally a different crowd. the line was out the door when we got there. I went in to see if our friends were there already, and came back in shock..(horror!).
Andrew replied by saying, Um yeah, didn't you know this was the WT capitol of the world?
Yeah pretty much. We heard people complaining about the wait, b/c they drove 1.5 hours to get here!! They probably spent their entire paycheck in one night!! so sad.
Once my friend got there, she concured. this coming from one of the most chic of all my friends. Her family always looks like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine.
We just kept saying.."its for the kids".
unfortunately most of the patrons there did not have that same motto. It was amzing how many adults were racking up these tickets.. then they would have hundreds of tickets they traded in for their choice of the crappiest of all crap.

Not to mention the food sucked. although the salad bar was pretty fresh and clean. Andrew said give it 6 months. this location has only been open about 3-4 months. But seriously, it was hard to have a constant conversations w/ our friends b/c the kiddos kept getting up and down. there was way too much stimulation for them!!
All in all Brigham had a great time with Grant and Kennedy, and I got to play w/ baby Ella.
oh, and it was fun for us adults to hang out too.
Brigham spent most of us time running up to other people's games and interupting them. I don't think he quite got it.

I admit, I did play about 6-7 games of ski ball. AHHH< the memories. and I skunked this little kid at the basketball throw game. Andrew kept teasing him that he was getting beat by a girl!!
So we combined our tickets , a whopping 85 of them, and Brigham got to pick his crap.
He chose a nice fairy wand( only b/c his friend Kennedy got the same one) and a sheet of stickers!
It was sooo worth it.
here he is riding w/ chucky (or Mickey cheese as he kept saying!)

in other news, I came down with a terrible cold and chest conjestion. ya know the one when your chest and upper back aches when you cough?/ Not fun.
we had to work in the nursery yesterday. I was like in a complete daze the whole time. I slept all day yesterday and then my mom sent over some home made soup. went to bed att 8:30 last night. Yep, before my two year old!!
I feel tons better today and am getting caught up on all the stuff I didn't do on Sunday.
have a great day =)

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