Thursday, January 11, 2007

I have become a hermit !

yep, thats right, this entire week, I have stayed inside. flannel lounge pants and comfy t~shirts, Brigham in his jammies. Basically I have been catching up with out of town friends with lengthy phone conversations, scrapping like a mad woman, and actaully preparing dinners..
I have only driven the car once this week, to go to the bank, post office and to pick up a small FROSTY .. (the baby was craving chocolate =)

Last night when Andrew came home from class , I pursuaded him to go out to the Pita Pit, and great little place on campus. I had coupons, so it made for a cheap dinner. And since we were out, we made a stop at DQ, because, once again little baby M was wanting chocolate in the form of a dilly bar!!

I must say I have been pretty productive scrapping away lots of Brig's pics from this year. I went to a friends house last Friday night and that pretty much got the ball rolling.
We are going to a crop tomorrow night at the LSS. I can't wait, to get my hands on all that new stuff ! I have splurged a bit around the holidays on the 1/2 off paper and rub ons at Hobby Lobby.
I have taken over the finances, which is a great relief to Andrew since he is working full time, going to school and taking 21 credit hours!!! He really didn't have the time to squeeze in focusing on the bills, while working a second job last semester too. Plus, I never had a clue how much money we had, and I would just make daily trips to his office, so he could shell out $20 or $40 bucks to me. He felt like a money machine, and I hated having to drive over there every time I needed to get money. So far, this is working great!! Everything is paid on time, and I have created a workable budget for us! Only half way thru the month, but its looking good.
And with our tax money, we will pay off our only credit card of $1000 and we'll be debt free!
never again will we buy furniture on store credit.. but when each kitchen chair was $499 we did what we thought we had to at the time.
Dave Ramsey would be spanking us silly !

We went to Indianapolis a couple weeks ago to celebrate a friends' 30th Birthday. There were about 20 of us surprising her at the downtown PF Changs. It was fabulous and she was so surprised. Andrew and I made a mini date out of it and went early in the afternoon, to shop around and then we stayed the night at an amazing hotel. Total luxery! We decided that we will try and make that happen every other month, to get away to the big city, or a quaint little B&B somewhere. We needed that time away from a 3ft chatterbox!!
While we were there, we found some awesome deals, and I couldn't help myself:
( adorable little newborn outfits pictured here)

We had a party for New Year's Eve, and I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time. NO alcohol, seriously, and my stomach hurt so bad, I was worried baby M was going to have a heart attack!!
It was a lot of fun, and to my suprise I never got tired, and good thing b/c our guests didn't leave until 2:30am!! Guess we were party animals huh??
I tried some new recipes, and they turned out great. I would show pics, but blogger doesn't like to post photos on my blog.

Sorry for the randomness, but thats just how my mind thinks these days. Oh and I am into my 6th month now!! I totally don't feel pregnant at all. Have gained about 7 pounds and really am not eating much more than usual.
If anyone can give me pointers on how to actually post pictures, I can show you my 6 months ones, and some other cute ones from Christmas....
advice totally welcomed =)


Kat said...

yay for being debt free! thats something im' totally jealous of;.... oh, and gainign only 7 pounds! go girl ;)

Samuel said...

hello neighbor! I figured out that if I resize my pics to smaller ones they show up just as good but don't take up so much room and take a lot less time to load. Also, sometimes the pop up filter/ cookies thing on the INTERNET OPTIONS if it is set too high then it won't work well. I think you can specifiy that you want that one site to have access without the filtering - this might help. Don't worry! I found the weight you haven't gained in the second pregnancy!


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