Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my husband rocks

Yep. he totally does. and I don't think that I have properly thanked him yet.
perhaps on Thursday (wink).
Two weeks ago:
I chaotically hurried out the door to drop Brigham off at preschool, and then my plan was to head to the grocery store. we were out of everything!

as I am walking out the door(late of course already!) Andrew calls and wants me to stop by his work after my trip to the store.

So I get to preschool and there is an envelope in Brig's cubby. I glanced, but didn't pick it up, thinking, I'll just collect it when I pick up. One of the teachers came out, making sure I saw it.
Politely thanking her, she said '" make sure you open it."
Ok, I said, "probly when I get home."
She says , "Um NO, I think you better open it when you get in the car."

As I get Tatum in the car, I open the envelope. It reads:

good morning. i hope you listened to me when I told you to get up, shower, and get dressed for the day because I am sending you on a little journey. 33 years is a long time to build memoires, but as you get older those memoires start to fade. This journey is about memories that are not yet made, so let's get started. Located the photo in the envelope, this is your first clue. On this journey you will receive a new envelope at each destination. Use the photo in each enevelope to find the next destination, this first one should be easy.

**use the $20 gift card to buy 2 mocha lattes and another coffee for yourself.

have fun, and remember I LOVE YOU!!!!

so the picture was of Starbucks..

and when I went to the drive thru and ordered, they asked if i was on a scavenger hunt.

and they gave me the next envelope.

which read:

its too cold to go to the park, so here's the next best thing. now that you have little pick me up, its time for a little drop off. take the two mocha's to the next location. hurry up, they're getting cold!

the picture in the clue was of our good friends' the Parks, house.

little did I know I was to drop the mochas off as a thank you for watching Tatum(as I was told to drop her off as well!)

So I won't bore you with all the other clues, but he sent me to several other locations. Each one with a clue.. a picture (that he had secretly taken and deleveloped) and paired up with a cute little jingle.

He had thought to have Tatum taken care of , so I could hop in and out of the car, as I picked up my next clues.

Some of the places were to visit with friends. One of the stops was at his really good friend from work wife's house. She just had triplets. So I got to meet them. and he knew that she shared a birthday with me(I did not know this), so at the previous place, he set me up with a gift bag and a card (with a sticky note to sign the card). So off I went to her house with gift in hand!

I can't believe he totally thought of everything.

SO after several friend's homes, he directed me downtown, and into several of my favorite shops. There was even a gift waiting for me at one of the counters, but the note said . DO NOT OPEN YET!

My final clue read:

remember of what this journey was for, making memoires of course, and there still is more. don't stop now, you're journey's not through, at the next place, as for John, he'll know what to do.

and this is what John gave me:

oh, yeah!! the rebel XT !!!!
it has permantly been stuck to my face for the past two weeks!!
I have just barely begun to learn about it.... but holy cow.... it is just beautiful! and now you can see why my husband rocks.
and for the scavenger hunt, well, I think he deserves the husband of the year award!!

Now if I can just get my butt in gear to learn photo shop, I should have some amazing pictures to play with!!

Thanks for the comments.. so glad to know who is reading this thing! I know I am horrible about updates, I'll try a be better.. life with two, is busy, and we're doing so much.. its just hard to find time!!LOL

speaking of.. I am prepping for a little valentines party we are having here at the house. about 7-8 of brigham's little friends and their mommys are coming over!
hope you all have a great day !!!


Heather C. said...

WHOA--THAT IS SOME KIND OF VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT!! How sweet that he put all that thought into it and did all those little things and then BAM, the rebel! Enjoy learning it--it takes a little while!! Happy V Day!!

~Kim said...

oH mY hEaVeNs! I am so glad I went to your blog at home because I just gave a loud shot out "SHUT UP!" You are one lucky girl! What a sweet adventure he did for you...yes, definitely husband of the year! I don't think he could ever top this birthday.

Happy (late) Birthday!


Stephanie said...

Wow! Andrew deserves a reward. I don't think Charles would EVER think of something like that...EVER! That is very sweet. How long did it take you to get around to all those places? Tell the family we said hi! Oh, and I'm officially 18 weeks. Almost to the halfway point. Ugh. Take care and I hope to talk to you soon!

Janette said...

WOW oh WOW E you've got a keeper!
What a really sweet hubby. I love how he sent you all around and had everything planned out. That took a lot of thinking and work. Thank you for sharing your story! Now enjoy that new camera and take lots of pictures of your hubby along with your cute kids.
P.S. I have the same camera and mine is also black. I like the black! I'm so excited and happy for you! xoxo

Brandi said...

OMG! How cool! I have the Rebel XTi and I love it! Have fun!

Diana said...

You are one lucky lady! I envy you with such a sweet husband! I've heard great things about the Canon. I have the Nikon D40x and love it! Have fun and enjoy.

See you on the boards @ SO!

Deanna said...

Woohoo! Aren't you a lucky girl!

Dolores said...

OMG that is definitely the most romantic thing I've read. yes your husband rocks. Have fun with your new camera.

Tonya said...

Lucky you! Wow...how much thought he put into it all!!!!!! What a man!

rev said...

YOU LUCKY GIRL!! that sounded like SO MUCH fun to me!! he is so cool. seriously. let him send an email to my hubby and tell him the trick. haha. i already have the cam though, so something else is appreciated. hahaha.

LIZZEE said...

How sweet and lucky girl.. Very romantic indeed and fun.. Keep the memories going.

Erika said...

I am moved to tears right now. You have a great man! Hold him tight, you don't find many like that in this world!

BishopsMommie said...

oh man that is awesome--you are lucky to have such a great and thoughtful husband, you need to think of something cool like that to do for him.

M.E. said...

Wow! Your dh really does rock!
No way would mine ever think or do such a cool thing!
Sounds like such fun & that camera is awesome! So lucky!

ALLY said...

OMG!!! My DH needs to learn a thing or two from your hubby! Does he teach other men? LOL!!!!!!

Have a great time with your Canon! I love mine too!

Colleen said...

OK now that deserves some serious brownie points! How thoughtful is that?! And what a wonderful gift! Enjoy!

ALLY said...


Look for "thecircleguru"!


Cheryl L. said...

Wow! How sweet! That is awesome!


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