Sunday, February 17, 2008

photos of love

so this is what I sent out to friends and family for valentines this year!!

I had so much fun doing a photo shoot with my ***new camera****, that my husband got me!!!

(if you don't know the story, then read the post before this one!!). He is the best!!

and here are the shots that didn't make the card...but are just laying on my scrap table , begging to be played with =)

and about 50 others like this. these were completely untouched with natural light.

I am in the process of finally learning the basics of PS(which I have had forever, and am finally ready to learn).=P

thanks so much for all your wonderful comments to my last post. I am not very good at sharing news like that, or blessings that we recieve and such. Always feel like I am being pridefull, or bragging. I am trying to be better about that.. and let people into sharing my joys . So thank you for all your sweet words, and especially about my husband. Yeah, I think I'll keep him!

He just reminded me that we've been together for 8 years!!! we'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary this summer!!

I look foward to sharing more pictures with you, and be patient with me as I learn this new toy..

(and of course the new lens that will be purchased) with our tax money!!... the obsession has begun.. LOL

have a great night =)


Rita Weiss said...

Hi Elizabeth :) What an adorable valentine! xo

~Kim said...

LOL! I have had my Rebel for about a year and half and I still don't know much about it. I am way too scared to jump out of my comfort zone and go into manual modes. Those pictures of your kiddos are adorable! Your little Tatum always looks so happy!

Good job girlie!


Cheryl L. said...

Thos are precious pics Elizabeth! What a great idea to send thos for Valentines Day!

Lisa Dickinson said...

what cuties! and how sweet is that hubby - he really orchestrated a fabulous surprise :) Have fun with the camera!

Janette said...

Awe what a sweet, sweet valentine.
Looks like you are having fun with that camera.

Diana said...

Those are great pictures - just imagine what you will be doing once you learn everything about it! :)

Kat said...

wow- your husband rocks!!!! what an awesome way to get an awesome gift!
love the pictures. so cute! i need to set up a photo shoot with jessica and my digi........

Heather Crawford said...

Hey! Those look the one you used for your card!!


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