Friday, February 08, 2008

its been awhile..

life has been crazy full , but totally fun. so many blog worth stuff going on!! I still haven't told you all about what my awesome husband did for me for my birthday!!

but, I am wondering if anyone even reads this thing???

please do me a favor- If you are a faithful reader, or even just stop by every so often.. would you please let me know who you are!!

( I was told (thanks Rita) that I could click a box that would enable nonblogger readers to post.. so if that has kept you quiet.. I fixed it , so You all can say hey too!!)

hope you're having a great day!
I am off to several hours of scrapping at the LSS!!


M.E. said...

Just saying hi!
I'm a faithful reader, well, I think I check out your blog on a weekly basis.
I live in nw Indiana & Purdue alum, so like reading about Purdue stuff!
Have a fun weekend!

~Kim said...


I am a lurker I'm coming out! I found you from Heather's blog.

There are people out here...sorry I haven't posted before! Now that I have, you may never get me to stop!! LOL : )


StephanieF said...

I read your blog, too. It is the best way for me to get updates on you guys!
Stephanie in Virginia

Lisa Dickinson said...

i'm here too :)


Andrew said...

Not as reg as I should but always present.

The Marbrys said...


I'm a reader too and have been for quite some time and have always meant to comment but just never did until now. I can't really remember how I found your website...either from two peas in a bucket, maybe from another friend, or when I googled about a farm party and I saw your posting on your son's wonderful farm party...GREAT job by the way! I may have even came across it b/c of you posting your scrapbook pages...I really like your work...I too am a scrapbooker. I really enjoy reading your keep them have two beautiful children by the way.

I hope all is well with the thyroid (I think I remember reading a post about this, sorry if I'm mistaken)...this is something else we have in common, I have a low thyroid, so I'm on medicine now.

Have a great weekend!


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