Wednesday, June 11, 2008

been playing with my camera....

my kids are tired of me chasing them around!! LOL
the adorable little guy here(other than Brig) is my friend Patti's son, Cameron. would you look at those eyes!!
I have actually taken a few other friends' children so I'll post them soon. Been scrapping a lot lately, and one day soon, I'll end up flooding the gallerys at a few of my favorite scrappy spots!! LOL
its just such a pain to scan and stich each 12/12 page. this is when I wish that I scrapped 8.5x11 pages!! LOL
I even kept up with challenges at scrapfriendzy and simply obsessed. they were a blast to do, and I was so bummed that I didn't get them posted!
we went back to OH last weekend to visit. A friend of ours had a baby shower, and we drove around our old stomping grounds and showed Brigham where we used to live! He kept asking where did he live. and where did Tatum live. by the end of the day, he had decided that he and Tatum had lived at the Mcdonald's by the big tree and the fountain..but just when they were babies!! LOL
I'll post some pics of our trip later! Well gotta go get dinner before lifegroup tonight. we are discussing such an awesome stretch of scripture right now... James 2.....
hope you're all keeping cool. its awful out there!!

hope to post more pics later.... my new camera bag just got shipped... I am sooo excited !!!

I can't wait to get til it arrives on my doorstep!


amanda said...

Hi Elizabeth! I want to thank you for your sweet comment. It made my day!!

amanda said...

Hey Elizabeth! I want to thank you for your sweet made my day! : )

~Kim said...

Cute's such a learning curve, isn't it? I just want someone to show me this does this, and this does this.

What kind of bag did you get? Can't wait to see it!


Lisa Dickinson said...

well little miss photographer, you are quite talented! love these shots! what lens are you using???

Valerie said...

Love all the pics!! And you have to post your pages soon, so I can see!!

Janette said...

GREAT job on the photos my friend. I love them all. Sounds like you are having fun with that camera of yours.
Can't wait to see your scrappy work! :) Have a great day.

P.s. Hubby and I were in Ohio on the weekend. I have pics on my blog.


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