Wednesday, June 25, 2008

pics and pages

you may have to click to make them larger to see the journaling. this was the first time I 'wrote' on my photo!! *GASP** I seriously, had to contain my self!

these are a couple from Christmas, I know, I know, what happened to up to date scrapping?!!

Last Friday, my preggo friend Sarah, was brave enough to put her pertruding belly in front of my camera.... and this is what I got:

(and about 175-ish more)

got my new lens, and was dying to try it out.... also got come cutie pie shots of my lil Missy.(but I haven't edited them)

got to go finsh decorating a cake... we're throwing a baby shower themed party tonight at Lifegroup. We finished up a service project for a local crisis pregnancy org, and we got a dresser, and we all pictched in to FILL it with all kinds of things a new mom would need. We're going to pray over the dresser and for the mom who gets it.... sooo cool!
oh and since I have a cake biz, figured I could hone up my skills by doing the cake. if it turns out, I'll take a pic!
Have a great day!!


Emily said...

I love the "fancy" pants!!! We must educate these northerns about how to dress our babies!! : )

cynthia said...

oooooh! love all those layouts! lately i just can't find any time to scrap! i still buy stuff though, that never stops!

i like all your preggo pictures especially the one with "baby" idea!

Ronda S. said...

Love your photos so much!! Absolutley love the baby bling one!! Wished we lived closer, I'd get you to take our pics!

Janette said...

LOL @ about the 175ish more photos! You are too funny. I love the second one and the side profile in the green top. Love the word baby on her tummy too. That's too cute! :) You go girl!!!!
Love those layouts too. Really love the first one. ANDDDDDDD you make cakes. Girl you are too much! =) Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more. So what lens did you use?

Have a great weekend! Hugs!

Lisa Dickinson said...

ooooh i am loving the photos! the bling one is just adorable!


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