Wednesday, July 09, 2008

CURDLED MILK, and other randomitities

randomitities... is it a word? I think I have head it before... oh, well..its a word to me. the moldy milk thing... we are well into the sippy cup stage and with that comes the countless cups of chunky=somewhat yellowish-greenish-color-and totally rancidness found throughout the house, car , and notoriously in the diaper bag. gag me. totally.

(the above sippy cup may or may not have contained chunky milk)

and so since I have just spoken as if I am in the 80's ...I will move on to the randomitities...( ok, I just like saying that..though its a bit tough to

*Brigham is into his second session of swim lessons. We entered into them two weeks ago, a bit skeptical.. would he put his feet in the water? After several hotel trips this past winter, where we tried to lure him in with numerous new toys, the boy just wouldn't budge.

well I was shocked to find him with his feet in the water on the first day!!

he managed to get some more body parts wet, however, would not stop clutching the wall, when it was 'life jacket day' and they were in 'hannah's pool'(the med size pool that his friend took lessons in )

so since he was not moved up, and recommended to stay in the 'tiny' pool, we are back at it again.

His little friend Isabel, who we have not seen for awhile, is also in his class.

We're crossing our fingers that the face will get wet, and he will get moved up. Andrew is just happy that I am there with the camera, to catch the teacher..I mean his son, in action!

* I am busily NO, stressily(just made that up) prepping for Brighams 4th bday party this weekend. We're going with a jungle safari theme. so these are the invitations I whipped up.

and hopefully the parents will heed my instruction and fill out the lil' pass ports with their kid's picture in it. It is their admittance into the party after all.

and so if you click on the inside, you can read the party info. Though I would like a RSVP. apparently in the last few years, its been deemed completely unnecessary to respond whether you are OR are not attending a birthday party, baby shower, wedding,picnic, or any other type of gathering, There may or may not be a pith hat or piece of lion cake for you.

just sayin'.

*and speaking of cakes... I don't think I have shared any pics of the cakes I've done with my business.

ok, so its not much of a business. but I have done like 15 cakes since September. and I have been paid. and I Do have a name. and business cards.
but mostly its just fun. did the giraffe one for our Lifegroup babyshower a couple weeks ago.. and this other one for a friends daughter turning six. we were introduced to the Cheetah girls. there was a dance contest and a karaoke contest. Brigham, won the dance contest, complete with a Hannah Montana wig on!*and speaking of business... while I did not plan for this,( SERIOUSLY, JENNIFER, you know what I was thinking, )... I have been getting lots of positive feedback on my picture taking, and therefore, several people are asking for me to take their kids, babies, families.
Well, in my opinion, I can use as much practice as I can get , so I am happily taking on the fun of smiley people other than my family.
Someone asked me if I was going to start this point, I don't think my photos are paying- money -for -worthy. I am still learning... but say in 6 months from now, maybe. right now its a hobby turned obession!!
and so, since people are asking, then I have inquired about a logo. my friend Greg is a graphic designer and is helping me set one up. He also has been talking with me about getting a website(since he makes those too) up. I have had some ideas in mind that I have gotten from the Orange Gecko lady on 2peas. I just want a place where I can set up galleries and stuff , so people can order from what I have taken.
and since I don't want to lug my diaper bag around with me anymore, I dropped hints about this:
that Andrew got me for mother's day. I absolutely LOVE it. you can get one, or choose from the many other gorgeous bags that she has here.

its got great pockets for my ever growing lens collection..(ok I have two-soon-to-be-three) and you can get a cute little strap to match or in a matchy match pattern.*been busy playing with my camera. Here are some from a couple weeks ago, at the park and in my living room. My friend Jennifer helped give me some pointers. I am really happy with how these ONE year old pics turned out! (though, I hope you know, Jenn, that you're missing out, b/c I totally would have paid YOU to take them =)
and I did have three other of my favorites posted. but accidentally deleted them, and know blogger is now playing nicely and letting me add them in here. i don't have the patience to re load and rearrange everything, so I may just do another tribute to my baby girl later.

*and in the spirit of picture taking, I did some scrapping. actually had these pictures back from March when I did a make shift photo shoot in my living room. She was miserable. but I LOVE these pictures. Am I a bad mama because crying baby pics, melt me? that's Tatum doing her arm 'thang' .. she's been doing since about 5 months old. I totally have a page worked up (in my mind) for her little 'thang'!!

* Andrew has been working overtime for the last week and a half, which means I am about to put my self in the loony bin. 12 straight hours, for 7 days is a bit much. I do not envy single moms one bit. but I totally respect the dedication that they put in to juggling work and home.all the time.

*we bought a new dryer last week. Our last one was burning our clothes.ICK. so instead of replenishing our wardrobes, which is what I suggested, we went with Andrew's idea of buying a new one. So Andrew's friend Greg came by last night and help installed it. and today I am doing loads and loads of laundry. SO thankful that I submitted to the wishes of my husband.Eck!

*the 4th of July was full of memories. except I hardly captured any of them. I charged up my camera and headed off to the park.... with NO memory card. I am patiently waiting pictures that Greg took of the kids at our annual parade in the park and the cookout at my moms.

I was able to get this classic pic, when we got together later that evening.

LOVE that the girls are huddled in fear, and Brigham isn't going to admit he is scared enough to put BOTH hands over his ears!!

*sparkler fun. the lighting was really tough, because we were camped out under these big stadium lights. We had been at a bbq at my brothers for about an hour and then met up with Greg and Kelli for a KFC picnic and fireworks. We had plenty of space for all kinds of games and stuff. and we didn't have people on top of, we were really close to the fireworks setting off guy.

(though I was informed, they don't have little guys setting them off- they use computers. who would have known?LOL)

* Tatum has had enough of the party

* Tatum is trying to conceal the two HUGE potato wedges, that she swiped from Mr. Carter's plate.

* and a re- inactment of Brig on his bike for the morning parade. My mom's neighborhood does this block party, and all the kids decorate their bikes(Hannah and Kiley braved their scooters) and then they ride up and down the street.. eat watermelon, and freeze pops and play in the park. This is the second year that we've done this with the Kouts and then we go back to my mom's house for a few hours to cook out. and have our traditional brownie sundaes,as requested by

* we just got our baseball tickets for our vacation in St. Louis. I can't believe we leave in a little over 2 weeks!! I sure hope that its dried out by the time we get there.

we had bad storms through the area again last night. I always wanted to have a lake house, and maybe with all this rain, I'll get one!!

( and now I am feeling really in sensitive to all the people who actually did lose their homes due to the flooding.not to make light of what they are going thru)
* kids are napping so I am heading to the garden to plant in about a dozen new things a got. I am always frustrated about half way thru the summer, when the first blooms are all done, and the other's haven't started yet. My dad came over and helped spread a driveway full of mulch on Saturday. So now the tricky task of digging and planting without disrupting the 'prettyness'.
well, I have gabbed enough.. hope you are all having a great week!


Heather Crawford said...

hmm, ok, let's see:

curdled milk, YEs, gag me with a spoon too...seriously...

those bday invites ..too cute..and the RSVP thing, I hear ya..but sometimes I am bad about it too even though I hate when people do it to

Your cakes...awesome and wish you lived here so you could make mine!

Those pics of Tatum are rockin' girl!! you are rockin' that camera big time..congrats!

great layout..have had lots of those..oh, let's last night...

hilarious pic of T hiding the potatoes and she looked adorable!

Go Brig on the swim lessons..he'll get braver...

cynthia said...

phew! that was some post!
your photos look great and your cakes and the party stuff! we had a jungle theme party for jackson when he was three i think, and it was really cute! i found these neat little animal noses that everyone could wear!
way to go on the cakes! that is a tough job. i've made every cake for jackson's birthday until this past year (pirate ship) and thanks to my mom, she taught me all i know! when i was younger i would help her with wedding cakes...late at night!
love your new camera bag, that pattern is really pretty!

oh, and i can totally relate to the sippy cup thing. nasty.

Emily said...

Love the party idea . . . very cute. The pictures are also great too.

Janette said...

Oh I would just gag if I found cups with sour milk in them. I'm so glad my kids are past that age. LOL

Your photos are awesome. You are rocking that new camera of yours.

I've had a crazy busy week of appointments. I have more next week. I'm having day surgery next week. Don't worry I will still email you those frog photos. Have a great day. Hugsss!

4funboys said...

ahhhh... precious!

what a sweet family you have~!


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