Wednesday, July 02, 2008

evidence of God

here are some of the reminders of the amazing gifts that are all around us. I love the summer when all the scents and color so boldly remind me that God is Good.
in my garden:

He is all around us. and having a nearly 4 year old constantly asking questions and eager to learn about the world, gives me the chance to 'look for myself' at my surroundings and bask in the awesomeness of what we have been given here on earth.. all because our Father in heaven loves us SO incredibly much.

we went to brigham's best friend Hannah's birthday party on saturday... my only other friend who goes crazy with themes... did a bang up job with a fun 'rainbow' theme. everything was so cute!

and of course we got to tell Brigham about rainbows... why God sent one after the flood... and then Sunday when we were getting ice cream with grandpa, we saw a rainbow!!

pretty cool, I didn't have my camera .. WHAT was I thinkng??!!!

Andrew and I celebrated our FIFTH wedding anniversary!! WOW!! although are grandiose plans got put on hold since we're going on vacation in a month, we still had a nice dinner out at our favorite Italian restaurant. sat on the patio. the weather was perfect. and then we went to see GET SMART... pretty funny, but just ok. and then for drinks.

Five years later , I am finally getting that life isn't random. that my husband was perfectly created and chosen for ME. And even though I tried to change the heck out of him, as soon as we started dating... GOD knew that too!! LOL. We are perfectly meshed and compliment each other so well. and you can read my husbands thought on this here. (yeah, he has a blog!! the husband who made fun of me for two years for blogging, has crossed to the darkside!!LOL)

And because of our marriage we have been seriously blessed beyond our wildest dreams with our two kiddos.

my family. love them to pieces.

and I am thinking that I may have been blessed with a tad bit of talent.. b/c I am getting such encouragement from my picture taking !! I have had 4 people in the last week ask me to take maternity, kids, baby, and family!! I can't say how much of a blast I am having with 'other people's kids..and God's right there too... teaching me patience and self control for sure!! LOL

ETA: my husband has informed me that brigham looks green... well, husband, (and anyone else who thinks he's got the flu...)well, I purposely creatively edited him, with blueish hues...just playin'!!

(cuz with brig and tate, I can scream, and boss and be a big meany!!)
and as I sit in the comfort of my home, while it may not be a dream home, its comfy and cozy and I am lucky to have the safety of our subdivision(yes, we can leave our doors un locked...SHHHH.) I know that I am provided for. above and beyond.
through, clothing, shelter, food, friends, family, talents, comfort... sometimes I don't feel worthy... and I KNOW that I sometimes(more than not) take it for granite.
and the biggest way, is through His word.. our church is so phenomenal about teaching scripture and totally making it relevant to our lives . Our lifegroup discussion has been incredible.
My spiritual faith has grown leaps and bounds in such a short time. I am SO thankful for finally taking the promptings, that were so clearly given for the last year or so. God was leading us to an amazing place in our new church. Sometimes I secretly wish we would have taken those promptings more seriously, and we would have been saved a whole lot of grief, stress and sadness. But then again, we trust that we are right where God wants us. and it was his timing and HIS plan after all.!! LOL
whooops, didn't mean to go all churchy on ya'll. but I guess, I would say .. stop for a minute, and look around at this awesome world we live in.. that was created just for us... because God loves us that much....and even when we screw up.. He's still there loving us.
so tell me, where do YOU see evidence of God in your life?


heather said...

Awww, Elizabeth...what a great post..totally agree! You are blessed your pictures..that one of Tatum is precious!! So glad you're being blessed by Life Group too..I'm tellin' ya, it really does help..we've been doing it for several years now and it's just not the same when you're not plugged into a group! Thanks for the reminders!
And good luck with your photography! It's all about practice, practice, practice..and gaining confidence! I'm doing some pictures this be on the lookout next week!

cynthia said...

girl...sometimes you gotta "get churchy"!
how exciting! isn't it awesome when you KNOW that you are where you are suppose to be?
we do live in a wonderful place! even watching the news and seeing all the bad stuff around us, we know that what we have was created for us!
as for me personally, we are going through some major changes, probably moving soon (in with my parents to save $$) and that will be an adjustment but if you knew where we were over a year ago, it is a blessing and i'm happy about it even under the circumstances.
God knows what he's doing, of course...thank goodness for faith!

Valerie said...

Liz..this is totally inspiring, I love the post!! I am loving your flowers in your garden, absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait until we have our own house and I can plant everywhere and anything. For now it's a whole bunch of pots and that makes me happy. Happy 5 year wedding anniversary!! That's awesome about the photography. Loved your post totally made me think!!

Emily said...

Love the pictures too . . . As I look at those flowers all I can think is that you are your mother's daughter!!! :)

I've got some really great pictures of that rainbow from last weekend. At one point it looked as though there were two right next to each other. Where one stopped the other began.

I love this time of year . . . all the flowers and beauty of the season. It is amazing to marvel in the craftmanship of our GREAT GOD!!

Janette said...

Hi E,
Love your blog post. Isn't nature gorgeous? Our God is an awesome God. He gives us so much. Sometimes we forget of all the things He gives us.

I see the evidence of God in my family. I am so blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters. Also with my parents and extended family and our many friends. We are blessed with a home and work and endless beauty in nature. I could go on and on but you get the point that I am grateful for God's blessing to me and my family. Have a great day!

P.S> Did you get my email about the frog pics?

Ronda S. said...

Elizabeth!! I totally LOVE your photos!! So beautiful. You have such a talent in photography. Love your post, its such a great reminder of how we can find evidence of God everywhere we look!


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