Monday, July 14, 2008

re couping!!

The party was a HUGE success on Saturday... and we celebrated his actual birthday yesterday... and then I just got finished hosting a baby shower for my friend Sarah who is due in less than a week!!!

so needless to say... I am exhausted from prepping for the party.. cleaning from the party.. prepping for tonights party, and then cleaning up from tonight...
I have tons of fabulous pictures.... from our jungle safari..... so stay tuned !

thanks for visiting, have a great day!


Rita Weiss said...

ELIZABETH!!!!!! Gosh, you are a sweetie. xo I owe you a million packages.... You are so so patient. Thank you. Hugs and big packages heading your way! xo

Lisa Dickinson said...

you really need to get into the party planning business, girl. you are so flipping creative with these! :)

Heatherbelle said...

I hear you loud and clear sister! I feel like this is my recoup week after working 3 days last week! Sorry this is my first comment on your blog! It's great to have another "blogging buddy" and another little friend for Miles!


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