Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're in mourning...

*a member of the family has died*

Our beloved HEHATCH.... named almost instantly by Brigham as he received this first pet of his very own on Christmas morning , Dec 25th, 2006.

With lots of love by Brigham, random feedings by mom, fishbowl cleaning by dad, and hours and hours of providing entertainment for a wee little guy, our brightly colored beta lived a very unexpected longer than usual 1.5 years.

What a sad moment it was, when I went in to dust Brig's bookshelf, and found a lifeless Hehatch at the bottom of the bowl. I thought Brigham was taking the news fairly well, luckily, I was on the phone with my friend Jennifer , when I found this, so she immediately took over and consoled Brigham. It wasn't until Andrew came home from work and it was time for the funeral.
It just broke my heart, to watch the sadness take over in Brigham's tender little heart. Andrew sat on the bed with him, as they talked about death.. and going to heaven... and that Hehatch went to see Jesus(I sure hope that is true, or we'll be in big trouble as parents for lying to our kids...lol) and that someday Brigham will get to see his blue beta once again.
The funeral procession moved into the bathroom, where Hehatch was laid in his final resting place.
Brigham was almost un controllable, at this point.. saying... " NOOOOO, I don't want to flushhhh him!!"
Andrew led us all in saying some final thoughts about our dear friend. and as both he and I reflected on what a good pet he was, and such a good friend, etc.. etc.. when it was Brig's turn..
wiping the tears he said" Thanks for being my fish Hehatch, I love you and will miss you and now I am going to get Orangy from Wal mart."

and it was over like that.


Heather said...

awwwwwwwww, poor Hehatch! and poor little Brigham..it is sad when a pet dies, no matter what it is...sniff....

Rita said...

awww...poor little hehatch and brigham! we havent had to go through that yet... not looking forward to it :( sorry. p.s. guess what has finally left for you? don't guess...just check your mailbox in about 2 days. finally. ahhhhhh..... :)

lisa dickinson said...

oh, nothing like a walmart trip to cure the grief, huh :)

cynthia said...

poor little guy!
jackson has a beta names eisenhower (don't ask) and it's sure not as great as a puppy (but that's another story) so he will often say "when eisenhower dies, i want to get a ...."
they don't seem to have a great bond or anything!

Ronda S. said...

awwww...poor thing! Glad he made a quick recovery!! Hey, I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award--check out my blog!!

~Ronda :)


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