Thursday, September 04, 2008

for all of you out there

that say I do too much...
well, I have gone and gotten myself a killer sore throat. Strep throat to be exact. and man does it suck!
The dr. did a culture for possible mono, which I should find out later today if it is or not. UGH.
*ETA* thankfully, no mono(Andrew says that the freebie giving cable guy can rest easy now ..lOL) however, it is in fact strep.
hopefully these antibiotics will kick in soon.

I have complete sympathy for all those kids I went to high school with that stayed home because of strep throat, and I take back my envy that they got to miss so much school!! LOL

Because. This. Is. Miserable.
seriously, my throat is on fire. it hurts to talk. it hurts to swallow. it hurts to drink water.

maybe this was the diet I have been looking for all my life. except, I couldn't stand it anymore last night and sent Andrew for a Frosty run about 10pm! it actually froze my throat and made it burn a little. =(
I am enjoying some down time today.
My sweet friend Patti, offered to pick Brigham up this morning and take him to school. and not only did she show up all chipper at 8:30am this morning... but she also had steamy hot, homemade chicken noodle soup, jello, cornbread and brownies for our dinner tonight!
(she didn't know that last night Andrew came home from work to find that there was no dinner, and the kids had not eaten other then a couple snacks!! LOL)
She also brought me some fantastic Yogi Tea, Its Echinacea immune support, and it actually tastes pretty good.
I am on my second cup.

So Patti, is going to take Brigham out to lunch after school, and then bring him back around 2pm! I am not really good at excepting help from people. like last year when I had two months of meals brought for us when Tatum was born!... its funny, b/c I love, love, to serve and help others... just not good at letting others serve me. I just don't like a fuss over me, or to bring a spotlight on myself. gotta work on that, and realize, that others want to help me.
I am so incredibly grateful for the friends I have. I feel super blessed.

Tatum went back down for a morning nap(something she hasn't done for 3 months) and I am enjoying some quiet time.
If anyone out there has ever felt my pain.. I'd love some suggestions !!


Heather said...

GIRL, so sorry you're so sick!!! It definitely sucks being sick with kids, for real!! Hope you get to feeling better..I haven't had strep throat since second grade, so unfortunately, no suggestions..sorry :(

Emily said...

Vincent was up several times last night with congestion and I also have a sore throat! I'm thinking something must be going around . . . or once again it is allergies for us. I do hope you get to feeling better soon.


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