Wednesday, September 17, 2008

is this really what I signed up for?

I mentioned on my facebook status, yesterday, that I was getting a feel for what single moms go through... and realizing that they are superwomen... and I obviously, do not have any super strength helping me get rid of these clothes piles!
Andrew has been asked to work over time last week and this week. Meaning 7am-10pm!
Because of the hurricanes and other weather related stuff, our IN state farm office is fielding many of the claim calls.. so they are getting bogged down on the phones. So they called in Andrew to work the CAT team(catastrophe)... he even gets a perdium each day. bonus cash =)
Though at the end of the day, wait who am I kidding, usually by lunch time, I am wondering if all this overtime is really worth it.
I have to say the money is just fabulous and way too good to pass up.
He keeps telling me.... honey... we can go get that new refrigerator you want... or, how about that new lens you've been wanting.....
ahhhh.but sometimes material things are not worth not having him home . the second he walks in, I usually greet with him some resemblance to" HMMMPH".... as I lay on the couch or sit at my scrapping table... I just don't seem to have any energy left.
and as I told someone today, even when I plan playdates, and lunch dates, so that my day gets broken up a bit, and that I also have some adult interaction... its still is exhausting.
hanging out at Chick Fil A two times a week, so that kids can pull on your arm 27 times, and ask for ice cream 42 times, and complain that some kid looked at them wrong 18 times... and listening to MAMAMAMAMA.... just isn't has relaxing as they told us in the welcome to motherhood meeting.
But then my husband tells me that he has been on nonstop phone calls with people who have just had their lives crumble in front of them. that lost everything. that have not a dollar to their name. that don't have anyone to turn to... and then I realize that I am very blessed and very lucky to have a husband willing to work just so that he can be able to provide 'extras' for his wife and family.

meanwhile, I started sorting through the kids summer stuff and trying to make room for the crazy abundance of fall/winter clothes, that are seeming to make their way into our house...(on a daily basis)
Brigham got 3 pair of shoes last week, and by yesterday evening, Tatum had scored 5 new pairs, and my mom just took her this morning for her first pair of Stride Rites.
she's such a girl.. and seriously has a shoe fetish. I have no idea where she gets it from.
I went to Target yesterday, for more plastic bins, to pack up all their clothes! It always makes me a little emotional to fold up all these sweet clothes, as I remember them being so tiny!
I am also realizing that baby spit up and milk stains really do suck.
Both my kids are pretty careful kids, and we have rules like no drinks out of the kitchen, and no food/drinks in the car.. so for the most part their clothes stay in really good shape. Neither of my kids were spitt uppers either.. they just hardly threw up at all during the infant stage..
I thought I was so good at soaking anything in BIZ that I saw even the smallest stain on it...
well, after hanging up for 6-8 months, those non existent stains have made their way to the surface..
so I have been filling the tub with BIZ(fabulous stuff by the way) and soaking their clothes ...ugh... not a joy, that they told me about when I signed up for motherhood.

so this is how you do it... on a rainy afternoon....

lean a little... steady........

all hands up in the air like you just don't care
( so funny , that they instinctly do that for balance.. wouldn't it be funny if we all still walked around like that... funny image.... even funnier in France..... ok, I just had way to much caffeine... and I seem to be amused by silly things)

stop to smell the flowers

grin from ear to ear, b/c YOU know you are cute!

get distracted by the sidewalk crack... and investigate the rocks and mulch inside

turn around, and decide, this walking thing is over rated !

OH, and in preparation for two outdoor family shoots I have coming up, we ran over to the park after church, so that I could practice with the tripod

not sure I am liking the white shirts on us pale people... I've seen it look great with darker tans...
or maybe I need to adjust some of my pp'ing.....
Brigham's school needed a family picture to hang on the board all year.. so I am hoping one of these will work

ran a funky action on this one for kind of a vintagy feel.....

So, I am loving the fall colors starting to pop around here...
I have two family shoots and then I have also been asked to travel 1 1/2 hours away to do multiple families and all the grandchildren... etc...
How fun is that.. I can't wait
oh, yeah... stay tuned ... should have an announcement coming up soon.....
well, I am off, still recouping from a packed weekend and trying to get the house cleaned.. We went to a surprise bday party for my friend Charolette today.. and totally pulled it off. It was a riot!
Her hubby did a fab job planning it all, and my kiddos are worn out, so they are taking long naps.
I should be productive instead of blogging... I have a dinner meeting tonight for which I am a committee chair , so I should probably prep a bit....
oh, and tonight is the first time for a non parental/grandparent type babysitter......
hoping all goes well


Emily said...

The pictures of Tatum are totally adorable! She is a doll! Does she have a similar personality to Brigham?

The family pictures are nice too. :)

Janette said...

You are one cute family!!!! =) Fantastic job on the family photos.

Announcement eh??? Hmmmmmmm. =)

Have a great day.

P.S. I have more wedding Pics of Tara and Warren up on my blog. I can't believe I have a daughter married! Gasp!

heather said...

umm, apparently Superwoman is back!..yes, it is exhausting doing kids all day and I can't imagine being a single parent!

cute, cute pics of Tatum..and how in the world did you get the kids to act so perfectly for the tripod? geesh...great pictures!

good luck with your shoots!


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