Saturday, September 06, 2008

back among the living

thank you so much for the comments, emails and phone calls. I am feeling 99% better today!
Once the antibiotics kicked in my throat started feeling so much better.. then I would get a little cocky, and start talking a lot, and then sure enough, about 30 minutes later, I was miserable.
My dear friend, Charolette offered, No, insisted that she take Brigham for the day yesterday. She wanted to take Tatum too, but I thought that to be a bit much!

plus, my baby girl is really easy... its the talkative 4 yr old, that wears me out!

So I had a nice relaxing day with a couple naps, and lots of photo editing and reading the CK HALL OF FAME issue! there is some seriously amazing stuff in there. I am dying to scrap now.



my little guy on the first day:

the first two days he said he had fun. I couldn't get him to say hardly anything about what he did in class . The third day, I get a phone call from the teacher. Lovely. First week, and a call from the teacher. She left a message saying that he had thrown a block, and hit someone, and then was not happy at all when she put him in time out. (though,I can't really blame him!)

Since I was sick, I didn't answer the phone , thank goodness, but after I listened to the message, I was mortified! All last year , we heard nothing but good things, and how much of a considerate, compliant, and helping young boy he was.

So right off the bat, we're starting off this way. JOY.

Luckily, my friend Patti, said he was a gem for her the whole rest of the day.

I tried asking him about it, and of course he is very forth coming with information(funny at this age, they have no clue to stretch the truth a bit). It just doesn't make sense to me, so I can't wait to actually talk with his teacher on Tuesday,and find out what this was all about.

We are trying to figure out some different sort of punishment b/c time outs and spankings don't seem to be working well. at least spankings from me anyway. he actually told me after a series of about 7 swats, that they didn't even hurt. my hand was sure in pain , as well, as my heart!

So we are thinking about some other kind of reward system instead.

any ideas?

I celebrated his first day, by stopping by Arby's one of his favorite places, but we don't go there because its too 'spensive' ! LOL

so we picked up lunch and came home to the house filled with streamers and balloons. I think he like that. I also picked up his favorite candy, gummy lifesavors.

That night we went as a family to our local drive in restaurant. He's always asking to go there, and I think we've been once. He was pretty pumped. a corn dog and a frothy rootbeer. YUM.

Andrew's footlong cony dog, looked mighty tasty, I was bummed that my throat hurt.. its not often that I can indulge in that much deliciousness.. golden fried mushrooms too.. yummmm.

hoping next week goes better.

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Heather said...

Glad you're feeling better, girl!

With the punishment thing, what's his "currency" know, what is his favorite toy/thing he likes to do on a daily basis and use that..when he misbehaves, take it away or don't let him do it for the day or whatever..that's Dr Phil advice, but it has worked with just gotta figure out what his currency is and what he values..and then you snatch it when he, but true..spankings don't work with Chaz either..time outs to his room actually work better because one of his currencies is attention..thrives on it and can't stand to have to sit by himself in his got your email..will respond soon!


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