Tuesday, September 02, 2008

is it really Tuesday?

I mean really, what happened to the extended weekend? It just flew by for us around here.

On Saturday, we took a little field trip with my dad to Fair Oaks Farms. This place is so cool! The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed about 4 hours learning everything there is to know about dairy cows!! If you happen to live in Indiana , you must check it out! We saw not, one, not two, but THREE baby cows come into this world! I tried to take pictures, but it was pretty dark, and I had a huge plexiglass to contend with! What is sad is that these babes get no more than about 20 minutes with their mama. They don't even get to nurse! I was pretty amazed about the recovery time for these laboring cows too... they made not a noise, as they pushed out these 78-98lb creatures with FOUR legs!! and then they pretty much just relaxed for a bit(like 15 mintues!)
I guess God certianly knew what he was doing , creating animal births, vs. childbirth. Though I think we got the raw end of the stick.. .. that dang curse for us women!!

Sunday, we had an amazing, tearful church service! I am pretty pumped, b/c they asked me to be a teacher for kids church. I have been a helper for awhile, in the nursery with Tatum. And now I'll be teaching two times a month for the 3-4 year olds! I just love that age! I love to see them excited and soaking up Jesus! I am a little nervous too, b/c I have to plan each lesson. I'll let you know how it goes!
We finished up the weekend, with a pizza party Sunday, and a cook out Monday.
And I feel, like the whole holiday weekend was just over in a snap! anybody else?

moving on... I have been creating lately.....

I still need to work out a few kinks, but I am loving these storyboards!! I am still working on edits from last Monday... and I am pretty excited about another little thing I've got going on...
hopefully, I can share soon =)
My friend Summer, had her sweet baby girl, late last Wednesday night. We went to see them in the hospital, and oh my was she cute! I brought her these sweet monogrammed gifts that my friend Emily makes. If you're in need of totally unique and adorable personalized baby gifts.. she does bags, bibs, burp cloths, and onesies!

And we had a birthday party on Monday. A princess party where dressing up was required... you, know Brigham has been dying for months(since he even knew about Raya's bday), to be able to wear a lovely gown.. he even had his eye on one at Target.
We had kind of a problem with actually taking our son to a party dressed like that. Don't get me wrong, we are not stunting his creative side and he still plays dress up with a couple of his girl friends.. we're just not trying to encourage taking him out in public wearing dresses.
So we found the coolest Knight costume at Gymboree.. and now I am all torn about what my kids will be for halloween. I thought I had it figured out..you know I have to have them 'themed'!! LOL
so we'll see what happens.
anyway I did this Cinderelly cake. The birthday girl was so happy! that made me smile.

and just some pages from a couple weekends ago, when I scrapped. I really feel like I have lost my mojo! Like I don't really have a style anymore.... and it stinks, b/c I am soooo far behind, I need to just start busting like 2-3 pages out a night!

and my son's creative homework. Yes! can you believe in PreK, they had homework, for the first day!!
So he wrote his name.. no big deal.. put the glitter glue on.. no big deal, added buttons, (they were school busses, pencils, and apples) so , again, no big deal...
but then he wanted to color it.. in rainbow!
I had to just chill out and realize, he is just wanting to make it really colorful. Well, I had my scrapbooking ribbons out, and he then asked if he could put bows on his cowboy hat!
again, not trying stunt his creativity... a rainbow colored cowboy hat with bows on it?
All I could think of was Brokeback Mountain! GEESH.
I called Andrew at work, for sympathy..... I realize he is only 4, but what do you do?
any of you moms ever deal with this kind of gender thing?

and in honor of Brigham and his first day of Pre K today.. here is the page that I finally finished from last year's first day of preschool!!

He was not thrilled about getting up this morning for school... I'll report back how it went!!
Truthfully, I wasn't that thrilled about getting up this early, but I have
a killer soar throat, that kept me up all night, and so it was easy for me to be up and about!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


Heather cRawford said...

Girl, you rule at those cakes..that one is sooo cute! great job on your photo collages..I have a great action with like 4 or 5 of them if you are interested...

yea, glad to see you scrapping..man, you guys stay busy..not sure how you do all you do? sheeeesh..makes me feel like a slug!

~Kim said...

You might just be like mom of the year Elizabeth!! My Kensington would love to have a Cinderella cake like that....so adorable!

And what are you talking about losing your scrappin' mojo? Those LOs are AMAZING!! I too am so far behind, I fear I'll never be caught up. My motto lately is just to scraplift as much as possible!

You are just full of craftiness lately....way to go!


Emily said...

I love the storyboards of both Sarah's children. So adorable!! As far as the gender thing . . . my sister's son is the only boy out of three children. There was one Christmas where he wanted to be the pretty princess. Scott will NEVER forget it but I assure that my nephew is all boy! I think when there are sisters boys have a tendency to identify with some girlie things. Not to worry!!!

Andrew said...

She's crafty that's for sure! Thanks for documenting our life, it goes by so fast that I often forget what what I did just a day or two ago.


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