Monday, September 22, 2008


just for fun. b/c you all know I love that word.
first off I know famous people!!!
ok, well, just sorta famous b/c they got put into magazines.. lol

first off I got my copy of purdue alumnus and flipped right open to see a guy from my high school, Seth Brown ! showcased for being a lifetime member and a little write up on what he's been up to since graduating PU...he's a professor in New Zealand..! (the link doesn't work right... flip thru mag to find him!)
pretty sweet huh?
I used to have the biggest crush on him in high school.. remember that Sally?... when we used to look for his ol' beater white pick me up truck??? lol
so funny, to see him all looking distinguished now..

anyway.. I love getting my mag in the mail.. my mom gave Andrew and I lifetime memberships for our anniversary this year. While right now it only gets us a magazines, and a few little perks, we're hoping to make one of the big alumni European or cruise trips in the future.

and then last week I got my Scrapbooks Etc in the mail... and as I was drooling over the pages, came right upon a layout that my old coworker/friend Darcy did. Congrats girl! what a sweet page of your baby girl.

Darcy was the second person to introduce me to scrapbooking. I had just begun, and she was a veteran.. she had just done an amazing album from her wedding. It was so cool.. but we're talking like 6 or 7 years ago people... so she was obsessed with eyelets and all that patterny themed paper.. remember?... so funny to see how the styles change even in paper crafting! She has a great style now too..go check her out!

Remember how I was all ready for fall? well, it hasn't come yet here in IN.. in fact, we've had summer sneak back in for a few days, and I am not enjoying the hotness. and humidity.

after church yesterday, while the kids napped, A and I worked in the yard for like 3 hours. I filled 3 trashcans with stuff I pulled out and chopped off in my gardens... I finally have the visual peace outdoors.. now I am determined to split and transplant and get my bulbs in this week... if its not blazing hot like it was has been...

We went to a birthday party on Saturday that was a cookout.. and it was muggy. ugh. but it was a good time and the kids had a blast! Tatum is loving her new found trick of walking.. she gets right in their with the big kids now.. and doesn't even let a motorized car that rolls over and pins her to the ground stop her!! LOL

poor girl... she was just laying there on the grass, with her foot turned inward, and the car on top of her, while 3 other little kids, just sorta stood there, saying 'Um lizabef... she's stuck!"

despite the non fallish weather... I did a little spot shopping... to get me in the mood-

like this cool new bag from Tarjay....

and this little guy from the maxx

and just got the urge to add some new decor around

(and just so ya know, I opted not to take time to edit these pics... thus the darkness)

to the kitchen

and to the photowall in our hallway....

these gorgeous story boards were done by my friend Jennifer.

and I did manage to do some clothes shopping for me... scored a few sweaters, a couple of those silky tops that are so in right now, and a pair of Seven jeans.
bought them in smaller sizes... tried them all on, and now am determined.
you hear me, Heather? Kelli?
Heather is going to be my long distance partner in crime... and if we actually DO what we've been talking about for the last 4 months... Kelli, will be my work out partner...our husbands have both been encouraging us to do it.. based on the other one's willingness to start... so my goal was to start the gym, when Brigham went to preK... then I got sick... and last week.. was too busy...
enough. is enough.
I want to look awesome in these new clothes. I worked hard before my wedding, and felt really good ... and I was way smaller then, to begin with then I am now since two kiddos..
so, Heather... watch your email.... I like your idea... lets set that plan in motion!! LOL (literally)

what else... Andrew is working is last day of OT for the CAT team... thank goodness. I was so excited for him to come home last Friday, and we were all set to go to bbq at our friends' church. and he called to say he had to work til 10pm!! I was so discouraged.. I just picked up the kids and we went to hobby lobby **nothing like a little HL or Target to get in good spirits =)**, and they were so good in there, that we went to dinner at my favorite pizza place..(that Andrew doesn't then some more shopping and for ice cream.
I was about to lose it...
thankfully.. its over, and hopefully, many of these people have gotten the help they need to recover from their losses.

During prayers on Saturday night, Brigham, said "daddy, I am so sorry, that me and mommy and tatum went out for dinner without you.'
awe.... poor guy feeling guilty for leaving daddy out... see he knows that we eat lunch w/o daddy but dinners are always at home with daddy....kinda cool, that he 'gets' it all ready.
anyway... better sign off... trying this new recipe tonight..
tator tot casserole... I 've heard of it so many times, but never tried it.... we'll see how it turns out!

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