Saturday, April 25, 2009

catching up

spring fest at Purdue was last weekend. I loved it when I was in college, though I participated in more of the wearing of the crazy get-ups, and consuming large quantities of Long Island Ice Teas.Since we have had Brigham , we have taken him over to campus . The weather has only been nice once. 2 years ago, it was so cold we were in winter coats and hats. and last year it was pouring down rain and about 40 degrees. But we marched on and participated in as much as we could.This year, it was 70 and sunny, and we stayed over 5 hours. We all had a blast!! Above is Brigham with the sought after bee (spring fest is also called Bug Bowl and the entomology department goes all out at teaching that insects can be useful and liked, instead of detested.) We ran into one of his friends from school, Cloe, so they took a picture together,
this was toward the end of the day, but my pictures are all out of order.. the horticulture department always has a great plant sale and the seniors all have to do a final project in the way of landscape of some kind. This year, there was a huge focus on water features, which was really beautiful.
My little pretty in among the flowers. Notice she is decked out in her lady bug dress.. to attend 'bug bowl'.. !!Brigham was dying to join in the cricket spitting contest. Here he is picking out his gem.
and here he is spitting it. (this picture is also for daddy.. lol)
and they had set it up like a football field, and Brig's spit measured all of 9ft !!

Next we moved onto eating the crickets. Brigham remembered this from last year, and was begging to try it again. These are the chocolate covered ones.
and obviously, my kid had no problem chowing down!!
I believe this was eating the stir fried meal worms.
The animal science department had a tent , where they taught all about different animals, etc. Here is Tatum petting a chic. I think she liked it..
Here she is with daddy, petting the chick
Brigham loved milking the cow. Somehow my angle here is not the
moving on to the entomology department... Brig just walked right up and held this big ol' furry spider... um, mom and dad wouldn't go near it!!
Tatum was ok, with touching the millipede...
and of course mr. bug man , loved it too..

and that was our fun last weekend. We also had a great evening with friends who are getting ready to move away to HOT lanta to attend seminary. We will miss them and wish them so much luck.
computer update:

well.. so apparently the ol' computer did crash last weekend, and the part Andrew ordered was not going to bring it back.

soooo. my hardware genius of a husband, researched and researched and built his own computer.
We ordered it this morning, and should have it next week. my fingers are crossed.

so in the meantime, we get to fight over his macpro.

I have had a couple photo shoots, and it is driving me nutz as I stumble thru learning CS4 as I edit them. ( I am used to CS3 on my puter)
not to mention I don't have any of my actions or templates on his mac.
I am in no way anxious to get mine back up and running. nope. not at all.
oh, and if you could all say a prayer that all my stuff saved on the external drive will transfer on to the new one. thanks.

hope you are all enjoying your weekend! we finally have some sunny and warm weather . YAY!!

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Lisa T. Howard said...

Love the pics, but the idea of petting and eating bugs/spiders, etc....YUCK! lol! Glad you guys had so much fun! Hoping you get your computer AND your backed up data repaired soon!


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