Tuesday, April 28, 2009

summer is here

and apparently spring decided to just skip us by this year.
we enjoyed an afternoon of soccer with our friends and then because Miss Kylie scored two goals, we all went out to celebrate with some hot chocolate! Actually it was called "20 below hot chocolate", but Brigham kept misunderstanding, and thinking that he was going to get the hot stuff with marshmallows. not quite, after we just endured the intense sun and we all now have some pretty nice farmer tans!
but my flowers did especially well, and I seemed to have 5x more daffodills in my front yard then last year! I was also happy to see that the bulbs I planted in the back yard bed came right up! since we went straight to mid 80 degree temps, my tulips are starting to pop open now too!
I can't wait til this weeked when I can plant the rest of my pots and get some more color in my beds. Since we have only EIGHT more weeks til we meet our third child, I need to get a move on the ol' gardening..

Plus, in two weeks we will be celebrating our sweet Tatum's second birthday....

I have to say that I was trying to get that perfect photo for her invitation, but at nearly two, she had other ideas, and was not wanting to cooperate. So I improvised, and used three of the cutest ones. I actually created my first PS document all myself, and I think it turned out pretty cute.
Though after they were all in the mail, I somehow realized that I had made one major mistake..
can anyone spot it?
I'll let you know at the end of my post...
So yeah, this pregnancy is going by super fast. I think I said that when I was carrying Tatum too, but this one seems to have gone by even faster. Maybe because I was on the go so much. Like when I was pg, with Brigham , the time seemed to drag on for -ever. Perhaps that was because I was working the entire time!! LOL
Well, last Friday, my friend Kelli and I went to get our toes pampered. Her husband set it all up for us, and he watched all the kiddos, so we could relax for a bit. It was so nice to have a couple hours of uninterupted girl time where we could just 'talk'. She'll be having her little girl this week, and we are sooo excited to meet her! Hopefully, we'll get to see her shortly after she is born. I just love those 'hours old babies'...
and as we wait for our bundle to arrive, I am busy, busy with projects. This week is focused on getting all of B and T's clothes boxed up and then switch Brig's dresser into Tatum's room. She will be sharing space with the newborn clothes and at least her folded/ stuff. All of her hanging stuff will still stay in Brig's closet.
I sure can't wait til' the day that they all have their own space. But for now (since I have completely taken over T's closet with scrapbooking stuff), we are improvising. and it seems to work for now. but they just have so many, many clothes!!
Also, on the agenda for the week is to narrow my choice for a double stroller. I am finding to be very frustrating, b/c I want the colors to match with the two seats that we already have. Plus it needs to blend with the interior of our car . (which is black leather as of the Jetta), but sadly we will be trading that in before too long..... I soon will be a mini van mama....
so before I ramble on too much more, I'll leave you with some self portraits. Took these last week. I actually did have Andrew help a bit, he thinks he is in training to be my assistant.. HA!!

not sure about the umbrella thing.. but I had seen it somewhere. I just won this umbrella in a women's group I belong too, and thought it would be cute to try out.....
so this was me at like 31 1/2 weeks along.... I have got to get my pg photos scrapped soon, so that at least baby tres has a few pages in his/her book, before we meet them!

**so did you find my huge mistake on the invite?? um, totally forgot to put the date on it!! must be my pg brain on the fritz again!! LOL


Lisa T. Howard said...

Love the photos! And the invite is adorable! I totally missed the mistake. Super cute despite it!

Valerie said...

I just LOVE the photos of you!! You look so pretty and happy!! And I love the umbrella photos, and the one with the quote too, it's perfect!!

Emily said...

The invitation is very cute. We too are quite excited that warmer weather is here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the greenery and new life that is popping up all around! It is so BEAUTIFUL!! Of course I really needed to split some of my plants this year but couldn't bend down long enough to do it so we will have some huge growth this summer. We can always split and transplant in the fall.

Also the pictures are lovely! I'm totaly agreeing with you about how quickly pregnancy #3 flies by!! WOW!

Stephanie said...

I didn't notice the mistake, either. How crappy. Did you call everyone to let them know? That'd be something I would do, if I were to make the invitations on my own. I still do store-bought. They are very cute, though. Good job!
So, how far along are you now? I don't even know if I ever got a due date from you. It's exciting and annoying not knowing the sex. Everyone said Lilli was a girl when I was first pregnant...so I started believing it. THEN, since she was breech and carrying weird, everyone started saying it was a boy. So, I started believing that. I believed it so much, that that is what I thought I was having. When they finally told me it was a girl, after I had her, I was shocked. I would've been happy either way, but I am sure glad I have my Lilli now. She's so sweet and happy. Probably my happiest kid yet.
Okay, I've gone on long enough. I hope you're doing good. You'll know what you're having before you know it. I think pregnancy goes by faster and faster with each kid. Talk to you soon. Take care!!


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