Monday, April 20, 2009

computer crisis

yep. I should have known that something was about to happen when I walked into my bedroom and from within my computer /office armoir was a very loud buzzing sound...

and I couldn't get anything to show on the computer screen.

shutting it down and restarting, just revealed a nice little message

error in OS

My computer wiz of a hubby, took the entire thing apart and cleaned it, tried to reformat it, and we still got nuthin.

he's been researching how to fix it, but it is looking as though I am going to get a brand new computer.
just what we need to add to our list of 'spending' as we prepare for baby #3.

but since I do have a business that relies on the ol' puter....
and I do have to keep up with faithful blog readers and writers.....
and I do have to read my 50-60 emails a day......
guess, this will have to move up on the list
before the double stroller.. lol
or the mini van...

PRIORITIES right people?????

so I am writing this from Andrew's mac, but I don't have any pics on here to post. =(
We had a super fun, action packed weekend, where I nearly used up 2 memory cards.. so yeah, I did have mucho pictures to share..

but my computer had other plans.
hopefully we'll have good news soon, and I'll be back to showing off my cutie heads and their crazy antics.


Jocelyn said...

So sorry about the puter.....I freak when something is wrong with mine!!! Amazing how much we depend on these thingssss!!!! Have a great Tuesday and maybe you can find a really good deal on one!!!!

Heather Crawford said...

OH biggest nightmare..hope you had your pictures backed up!!

Good luck!


Matt said...

Computer problems are only second to car problems. It's a good thing Andrew likes working on computers or it could get expensive, fast!


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