Monday, April 13, 2009

picture overload

of the Easter variety =)
we waited until sister went to bed to start the egg deal... why do we never remember how long it takes? poor Brig got to dunk them, Sat night,and we let him stay up til' almost 11pm watchin Fox and the Hound, so he could watch the eggs turn colors.
He wasn't able to add any more decorations.. but I don't think he cared too much. We now have egg bands and stickers tucked away for next year!

Andrew suggested that maybe egg dying becomes a Good Friday tradition. I think I like that idea.
However this past Friday, we went out for dinner w/ our friends and back to their house so the guys could booze it up( while their prego wives watched them obsessively play guitar hero).
At least the kids stayed near the dads in the play room, so whether they were being supervised or not, us , moms, got to gab uninterrupted for once!! LOL
and we only had one blood shed, and one set of poopy pants..(um. yeah,that one would be by our 4 yr old.)

Brigham learned the word " sharted" LOL

We stayed til after midnight, which is pretty normal for us when we get together with the K family. I just can't believe the two 2 year olds were still going strong at that hour!
luckily we could all sleep in the next day!

the finished product. Brigham was so proud!
Saturday, we finished up some Easter bunny shopping... holy cow does that stuff add up!!
Before we knew it we were over $100.00! ( now it wasn't just in candy.. lol)
but still...... geesh!

Here is Brigham as he walked into the living room and found the trail of carrots

maybe he wasn't quite awake yet..
I had gone to bed before he did last night, and had to get up super early to 'stage the scene'..
He followed the trail, and found his basket.
He also found his sister's and wanted to run and wake her up... but we vetoed that.
He was pretty concerned about the fact that he left the bowl of lettuce and carrots and the back door, and the trail started at the front door.
hmmm. silly rabbit.
or was it silly mommy?

diggin' for goodies...

and yeah, my kid, doesn't even attempt to eat any of the candy. He starts methodically sorting his candy in piles!
( he did eventually ask if he could eat one piece before church!)

Our church service was amazing. I got super emotional during the drama. It was amazing, and set to the song "everything". seriously. I really hoped it touched a lot of people.
the sermon was great and my mom and brother made it too.
It was also cool to see 5 more people from our old church. One by one, they keep showing up. God is doing something. it's really cool.
I really wish that all my friends could experience a church like this. so if you're reading this, once again, an open invitation. in face this coming Sunday, is Friend day. so we are encouraged to bring our friends. I am encouraging you (if you're local) and reading this, to just come and visit once!
ok, so after church we went to my mom's for dinner-ish at 2pm.

she pulled out all the bunny stuff and the table was really cute

I made this yummy strawberry cake.

and the kids did an egg hunt inside, b/c it was still pretty cold and windy out.

the money in the eggs was a huge hit with Brigham. He scored quite a bit in bills too.
Tatum had her first encounter with jelly beans.
and she grew to love them quickly.
unfortunately, her dress found itself showing the love too.
but after a long soak in BIZ(the best stain getter outer) it is as good as new!

and here are the mock hunt outside pics.. LOL
see jelly bean in hand, and mouth already full..

I love this one. since her room is garden-ish, shabby chic decor, I think I am going to blow this up and frame it and hang it from some soft ribbon on her wall.

my handsome fella!
I hope you all had amazing Easter celebrations as well.
I am so thankful that HE lives!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Thanks for sharing so much of your holiday. It was nice to see the babes enjoying their Easter goodies. And yes, I too am thankful HE lives!!!

Jocelyn said...

Such sweet photos!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Holiday!!!! We are so very thnakful for all that we are given in this world and yes HE HAS RISEN!!!

Emily said...

Very sweet babies and they are growing up much too quickly!!!


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