Tuesday, May 05, 2009

not every day.....

one of these comes floating into our subdivision!!
after spending 6 1/2 hours out in our yard on Sunday, we were relaxing on the back porch , eating pizza, when we heard this loud noise.. couple times in a row. I said. " man , that sounds like a hot air balloon".. . and sure enough, we ran to the front of the house, and this was in the sky, just barely above the houses, one street over.
the next street over is the last phase of new homes being built right now, so their backyard is just one big field. We dropped our pizza and ran over to see the balloon, just as it was landing. There were probably 50-75 ppl out watching in the field, and many more were standing in their driveways gazing up in the sky. The balloon man, just landed for a few minutes, and then away he went. The above picture, shows my mom and Brigham(can't really see him) waving good bye.

Unfortunately it was such a cloudy day.. I would have loved to have captured these shots against a pretty blue and white speckled backdrop.. (guess I could always go create it in PS!!!LOL)
Speaking of... got my new computer last week.... its up and running, but we need to order one more external drive, to retrieve all my pictures from the old computer. Andrew filled the first one with some of my programs including a brand new CS4!! I was used to using CS3, and occasionally using his version on his mac... so now, I am trying to learn as much as I can, as I go along.. taking lots of pictures so I can practice. So since I had some photo shoots coming up, I needed PS, and my templates, etc, to be reinstalled first. next we'll get to all my own pics.

Monday, we had great weather. Since Daddy has Monday's off, we decided to pack a picnic and take a field trip to :


if you can really call it that... lol
seriously, our local zoo is about the saddest display of a 'zoo'.

there are 2 prairie dogs. and a llama. a few bunnies, some goats, and 2 miniature horses. oh, yeah, and some chickens and a rooster in the petting zoo part.

there is also an owl, and an eagle. pretty exciting I know. but I guess it is free, and we do tend to use it as a great play date activity throughout the summer.
there is a huge mulit level playground, which the kids really enjoy.
The tire swing :
Andrew had a great time pushing the kids, and as you can tell, they had a blast. It is so much fun to see Tatum as a 'little girl'... not the baby she was last summer. She wants to do everything that the big kids do.
So happy, that I have another baby to fill her shoes coming soon.. =)

I can't wait to scrap these pictures. I love all the new spring lines out right now!! I am still so behind. Since most of my prep is finished for Tatum's party this weekend, I am going to focus each night on scrapping 2-3 pages. At least if, I can get Brig's book up to date by his birthday, I'll feel good. Tatum's second year book is almost finished too.
I haven't started any pages for the new baby yet. Want to at least get the maternity ones down, and a few thoughts from the journal I have been keeping.
I do however, have several pages completed, that I'll share in the next post... gotta take pics of them first.
Oh, and I caught my sweet lil' girl at my scrap table once, again 'enhancing' one of my nearly completed pages!! ugh.
I really don't want to re do it, so I may just sign her name as a contributor, and leave it at that.
After the park, we hit hobby lobby for some things for Ta Ta's party, and then finished off the day with a trip to Culvers. Love that place.
Brigham endulged in a chocolate custard with nerds and Ande's mints.
can you say 'Gross!!'. whatever, the kid ate every bit of it, and was on a major sugar high for several hours.
summer + ice cream = pure awesomeness.
We've got Brigham's spring program tomorrow night, so I have to get my hiney in gear and make some cookies to take....
(so I can scrap of, course!)
hope you are enjoying the fabulous weather!
I know I am... it is making this pregnancy much easier to handle now!!


Emily said...

We saw the balloon too this weekend. Noah loves them! And scrapbooking . . . I'm a whole child behind!

Nicole said...

LOVE the photos. And the Indigo Girls? I used to listen to them at Purdue like crazy... Your kiddos are so adorable. Enjoy these gorgeous spring days. Before long it will be TOO HOT to go outside. Hugs to you old friend!

Kat said...

love the pictures! so cool to see the hot air balloon upclose!
yeah, i'm WAY behind on scrapbooking! 2 -3 pages a night? i wish! :)
and i agree, so fun to see our babies grow up, but happy to have another one on the way :)


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