Wednesday, May 27, 2009

on a rocky mountain high

although we haven't been able to actually 'see' them... due to the overcast and rain.. EVERY day since we've been here.. ugh.

we are enjoying being on vacation in Denver.

we celebrated Andrew's little brother's graduation from high school last Saturday. I got some fun pics, but need to edit them before I post.

We have had mucho mexican food. and I am suffering thru the heartburn that is over taking my body. ugh.
but seriously, when in Colorado.. who can pass up the amazing authentico... lol.

we have eaten our way thru graduation parties, visited with lots of family members.

went to the aquarium, which Brigham and his cousin Alex, loved. Tatum slept thru almost the entire thing.

I got to meet a "pea".. (heather , you're the only one that will get this.. lol)....
for all others- a pea is a an online buddy met through my scrap booking and photography obsessions fueled by Twopeasincabucket. (see left link)
So yeah.. met up with her and she spent two hours (much of it in the rain) shooting my maternity pics! I can't wait to see them, so FUN!
speaking of maternity... almost ending my 35th week! yikes. When we get home, I'll have four more weeks! people kept asking about me flying....
the flight was decent, though Tatum only sat still for a mere 5 minutes.Brigham was set with a movie on the laptop. Tatum was only happy when stuffing her face, with fruit snacks, gold fish, teddy grams, or rice krispie treats. Thankfully, she didn't scream. We live an hour away from the airport, and our flight last week was at 6:30am, meaning we had to be at the airport around 5am. We ended up going down to Indianapolis the night before, so we could eat a nice dinner our, and get the kids as well as ourselves to bed at a decent hour. Also, the Hyatt, gives us parking free for up to 14 days.
well, our plan didn't work out so well... we didn't have a crib for the room, so Tatum would not sleep. we tried every combination of the kids together, Andrew with one, or the other, or me, with one or the other. nothing worked. Finally, after three hours, Brigham fell asleep.
Tatum never did. poor Andrew was up with her all night. Around midnight, Andrew finally just strapped poor little girl in her stroller. She would fall asleep for about 10 minutes, and then jolt, and wake up. Andrew would get up and push her around , she'd fall asleep, and then repeat the cycle.
I was in and out of sleep too. Needless to say we were already awake for our 4am wake up call!!
None of us slept on the plane, and then we got into Denver at 7:30 am, but we were all on a different schedule. It took us until mid Saturday to adjust.
we have 4 more days of vacation, and we're packing in a lot more.
I am enjoying putting up my 'cankles' as much as I can, and letting the grandparents take care of the kiddos. Yeah.... hadn't started swelling until the air plane.. now every day by early evening, I have HUGE ankles. totally gross.
Ok, so off to bed, and I will post pics when I get home!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Sounds like vacation is going fabulously despite the sleepless beginning and "cankles". Good news is, they should only be around for a short while longer. Looking forward to see pics from your trip!

The Noonan's said...

Glad y'all are getting to get away before baby number three is here - you have been a beautiful pregnant lady - I love it! I can't wait to hear when baby is here and whether Tatum has a sister or Brig has a brother - definitly makes it fun for me (hopefully for your too) - hope you are surviving the heat, the cankles and the last few weeks of preggo life!


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